Qidakang: Hardenability oil and gas supercharging industry chain hidden champion

“Thirty gas superchargers have been sent to India.”On the night of January 26, lights were blazing and machine tools were humming.Qidakang Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., located in wuhan’s Yangluo Development Zone Industrial Park in Xinzhou, is busy.”People are working hard to finish the New Year orders from home and abroad.”Li Qian, a workshop installer, has stayed up all night for three nights and is still not on the line.After a nap, he and other workers rushed to install the last batch of products before the Spring Festival.”Put the pressure up to 25 mpa and try it.”Li Hao, the supervisor of the workshop, stared at the display screen while directing everyone to do a seal test to ensure that the pressurization system is foolproof.Qidakon company is the “little giant” in the oil and gas pressurization industry, and was awarded the title of “invisible champion” in the pillar industry subdivision by the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology in 2018.”We got off to a good start with good sales this year, trying to recover the losses caused by the epidemic in the past two years.”Tang Guangzhou, chairman of the board, told Hubei Daily that this year, the country has issued a series of favorable policies to increase oil and gas exploration and development, and the industry is clearly recovering.”The company was born out of a start-up competition.”A group photo on the table brought back Tang’s memories.In 2006, wuhan held entrepreneurship competition, after 5 rounds of PK elimination, the hydraulic piston compressor developed by Tang Guangzhou and 7 partners stood out and won the second place.”The market for this result is very promising.”The judge teacher’s words ignited everyone’s brewing entrepreneurial enthusiasm.”Ease is never an option in an age of struggle.”The funds were insufficient, and grassroots team members cobbled together 500,000 yuan from their savings.There is no dormitory, eight people crowded into a low bungalow, living and eating together.Three months later, the first new product came out.In 2007, the company was formally established, named Qidakang Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., which means “concerted efforts to run well-off”.Their production of pressurizing equipment continues to improve, the full air cooled vertical natural gas hydraulic compressor series products to replace the import, obtained more than 50 national patents, won the national technology innovation fund, the company took the lead in drafting the national automobile filling station with hydraulic natural gas compressor industry standard.In a short time, qidakang’s main products entered the filling stations in more than 20 provinces (regions) in China, with the market share among the top, and were identified as national technological innovation products by the Ministry of Science and Technology.Since 2015, with the decline of international oil prices and the adjustment of policies, the natural gas industry has been greatly impacted, and Qidakan has also been affected.”How to survive in a changing market?”Single product, mainly for the car gas, once the market changes, or saturated, sales will reach the ceiling.”We have so many patents and advanced hydraulic technology, can we break new ground in new areas?”The keen Tang and his team soon found a new business opportunity — well breath recovery.”There are a lot of Wells around the country that don’t produce a lot of oil and gas, and it’s not cost-effective to collect them with big machines.If you use the right machine, you can actually collect a lot of well breath every year.”Soon, Zidacon developed a pressurized hydraulic unit for this market and gained market recognition.Chidarkan then moved on to the problem that has plagued oil and gas exploration for years: snuff out the sky lanterns.The so-called “sky lantern” refers to the oil and gas well in order to ensure safe production, the difficult to collect and use of the associated natural gas ignited into the air, these exhaust chimney burning natural gas day and night, is vividly compared to the “sky lantern” and “torch”.The venting and burning of natural gas not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment.It is estimated that each “sky lantern” burns nearly the equivalent of a mid-range car per day.In view of the pain points, qidakan scientific research team has repeatedly made breakthroughs and developed the fracturing jet pressurization device, which separates and recyles the associated gas that was difficult to deal with in the past from the waste slag and liquid.Received orders from changqing, Qinghai, Karamay and other oil fields, and successfully entered the upstream oil and gas field.”Let’s go and show you our new factory.”Every day, Tang takes a walk to the new factory not far away, his face full of joy.Covering an area of 40 acres, investment of more than 70 million yuan qidakang new factory spacious style, has been basically completed, is installing production equipment, put into use after the Spring Festival.New factory based on digital, intelligent overall design, to “fast precision sharp” to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand.”There are no shortcuts in manufacturing.”Tang guangzhou said that the company reserves at least two new technology seed products every year, and constantly explores new markets in the industrial chain with scientific research strength.”With more than 3,000 new oil and gas Wells entering their twilight years across the country each year, there is still a lot of residual value to be found with efficient pressurization equipment.”Tang said, Qi Dakang and China University of Science and Technology, Hubei University of Technology and other cooperation, the use of new technology, the development of high hardness hydraulic gas recovery device, the residual gas “particle storage.”At present, the company continues to develop a series of new products around the needs of oil and gas well customers, achieving breakthroughs in multiple areas.”The management committee of the development Zone sent a special team to inquire about the situation, and the plant was completed three months earlier than expected, successfully completing a series of procedures that the company was not familiar with and not good at.”Tang guangzhou said that the management committee helped attract wuhan Rural Commercial Bank to solve the urgent need for loans, and invested another million yuan to open a special bus line for the enterprise.”We no longer need to rent factories for production, and put our roots deeply into the fertile soil of Xinzhou.”Tang Guangzhou introduced that the company has made a new five-year plan to deepen the three businesses, from selling products to integrated production and service experts, and strive to achieve annual sales revenue of 500 million yuan.(Source: Hubei Daily)

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