People who quarrel very much, what major should be studied in college, so as not to waste “talent”?

When we provide college entrance examination voluntary filling services for students and their parents, we often refer to the comprehensive choice of college entrance examination voluntary filling, which includes the analysis of the characteristics of students in the college entrance examination. Generally speaking, as parents, they must have a very clear understanding of their children’s characteristics. Finally,We select and analyze students’ personality and characteristics as one of the aspects of college entrance examination, so as to find the most suitable major for students.This is an interesting question: What should a quarrelsome major study in college?The first thing we need to understand is the person who fights a lot, right?We should at least take the idea of fighting badly in a neutral sense.Generally speaking, people who argue a lot are logical and will not be taken down easily.Competitive, or do not quarrel, a quarrel will quarrel to win;Strong purpose, the ultimate purpose of the quarrel is to win;Good command of language and rich vocabulary;Aggressive, to win the final victory, certainly need to have a strong offensive.Judging from the top 5, this type of student is definitely super extroverted, flexible, and with a wide range of interests.For this kind of students, if they belong to liberal arts students, generally are debate players, and in college learning, the most attention to this ability is estimated to be law major.For example, several students in southwest University of Political Science and Law majored in law, and their mock court was generally a test of students’ debating ability.In addition to the law major, such as diplomacy, marketing, journalism and other majors, are more suitable for this kind of students.Then, if students are science and engineering students, what kind of major should be recommended?For science and engineering students who quarrel very much, in addition to the above law major, police colleges and other preferred.For example, the people’s Public Security University of China, The People’s Police University of China, Chongqing Police College and other public security colleges offer majors such as investigation, criminology, public security, and foreign police affairs, which can give full play to students’ ability to detect “quarrels”.To sum up, many of the topics we talked about above still belong to major categories, including a large number of majors.For example, journalism and Communication includes journalism, communication, radio and Television.Law includes many specialties (directions), such as law, intellectual property, prison science, judicial police science, etc.Public security majors include investigation, public security, criminology, foreign police affairs, etc. These majors are suitable for students with strong quarrel ability.Of course, the above analysis in this paper is based on the author’s understanding of a “quarrelsome” word. If it deviates from the direction of the author’s understanding, or even “strong” in the opposite direction, that is another matter.

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