Lonnie Lingard says different things about who’s telling the truth, and I’m on the king’s side

Winter window closed, for united fans, lagarde Lin didn’t move away from, really make people can’t understand, why is also very obvious, that is a few clubs interested in Lin lagarde very, but Manchester united have fear because of the reason of Lin lagarde joined, and Manchester united have contend for the competitiveness of the four, so would rather let Lin lagarde in Manchester united have no ball to play, also don’t want to let him leave.That led to this. Now, in an interview, Rangnick and Lingard are saying different things. Who’s telling the truth?The first, Lin lagarde ability, in Manchester united, Lin lagarde unable to get a stable and regular members, without a doubt, in the last two years, Lin lagarde because the growth of the age, strength declines quickly, the talent of Manchester united, a starting position, let Lin lagarde guarantee and within only playing time, Lin lagarde also unable to help united defenders.So Lingard’s role at United is diminishing.But Lin lagarde’s ability is also visible, because after joining on loan at west ham, Lin lagarde to hand over the report card, can think, Lin lagarde no reuse at Manchester united, also is unable to give him all the support, triple substitutions so Lin with ability and political integrity cannot be united, and moved to west ham, lagarde Lin comes at a time when the next spring, not only competent, goals such as hemp,His value also rose.After returning to United, still very flat.If Manchester united players is numerous, it should give Lin a chance, let he go to other glowing in the team, after all, there are less than a year, Qatar is the World Cup, this is Lin lagarde to attend the World Cup final a chance, and Lin lagarde was thinking, so the winter transfer window, lagarde to Lin’s strong competition the main opportunities for England.If tottenham and West Ham were in contention for the top four with Manchester United, lingard would be forgiven for sacrificing a player for the team, but Newcastle are a relegation club that cannot make a difference to United and Lingard is still unable to leave at the winter window.That’s the whole story, Rangnick said in a recent interview. Lingard, he asked me and the club to give him a few days off to clear his head.I think Monday he will be back training and part of the team again.”Lingard said: “The club advised me to take time off for personal reasons!But MY head is clear and when I am called up I will always show professionalism and give 100 per cent.”Speaking of Lingard for the first time since the winter window closed, Rangnick said that Lingard wanted the club to give him time off to clear his head.But then again, sober what?If Lingard is depressed and confused because he can’t leave, Manchester United should give lingard an answer, not just a few days off. How many years does a player have?I don’t think Lingard should be the one to wake up.Lingard later claimed that the club had advised him to take time off, proving he was unhappy with United’s handling of the game, but would still give his all if called up.Summed up Nick and Lin lang lagarde now, however, who say is true, we aside, but on this issue, I will stand in the emperor’s side, because Lin lagarde needs to do the last World Cup, while united since can’t give Lin lagarde a suitable location, under the condition of united’s performance is not affected, should put Lin lagarde to leave, but winter window is shut,Lingard will waste another six months at Manchester United.

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