In the sales list of mid-size SUV of joint venture in 2021, Tesla won the annual champion and Highlander exceeded 100,000 units

Compared with independent brands, joint venture brands are more favored by consumers in the mid-size SUV market.According to the statistics compiled by Purchasing car website, the wholesale sales volume of the joint venture medium SUV market in 2021 was 1,648,800 units, which was nearly 700,000 units more than the independent brand.Compared with 2020, the joint venture medium SUV sales increased by 6.1% year on year.According to the data, there are seven models of the joint venture’s mid-size SUV that will sell more than 100,000 units in 2021.Tesla Model Y rose to prominence, winning the joint venture medium-sized SUV sales champion with the sales volume of 200,131 units, leading significantly.Volkswagen’s Tiguan L, the joint venture’s best-selling mid-size SUV in 2020, ranked second with 158,385 units sold in the year, down from 178,574 units sold in the previous year.The Buick Envision family sold 146,476 units for the year, ranking third, also down from 167,880 units sold in 2020.The joint venture medium-sized SUVs ranked fourth to sixth are all luxury brands, among which Mercedes GLC is still the most popular traditional luxury SUV brand, selling 140,0049 units in the whole year.Mercedes-benz Q5L sold 134,624 units, slightly lower than Mercedes-benz GLC.BMW X3 sold 128,961 units, ranking sixth.Sales of all three luxury SUVs declined compared to 2020.In addition, Volvo XC60 sold 58,837 units and Cadillac XT5 sold 52,977 units, also falling short of 2020 sales.Highlander did well, ranking seventh with sales of 10,733 vehicles, up from 95,304 the previous year.The drop was steep, with only 89,339 units sold in 2021, down from 169,507 last month.Other mid-size JOINT venture SUVs with good sales in 2021 are: Chevrolet Explorer 43,200 units, Jetta VS7 40,528 units and Honda Crown 40,066 units.

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