“Bookish Ningde” is the spring of poetry!This sharing will bring you into the poetic banana City

Big dream banana city (Chu Ziqiang) with the mellow aroma of coffee, a section of elegant poetry from the bookstore.The unique rhetoric and moving sentiment attracted the attention of the audience, who were listening to the speaker Yao Shiying’s poetry appreciation and sharing, immersing themselves in the world of poetry rhythm and exquisite rhetoric.On the evening of February 12, the activity of “Book-loving Ningde · Xueyou Reading Sharing” was successfully held jointly by Jiaocheng District Literary federation, Jiaonan Sub-district Office, Jiaocheng District Rong Media Center, Jiaocheng District Writers Association and Ningde Xueyou Bookstore.”Westwards, old in warm light” “the old country of dirt, within reach, but my back is still a handbreadth cold fog” beautiful verse leisurely, speaker Yao Shiying in the spring of “poetry, modern poetry language skills exchange”, refer to a lot of verse, in plain language, the vivid description of the poetry creation in the language and the rhetoric full share to the audience,Attracted repeatedly praise, attracted many passing citizens stop to watch.”Thank you very much, host, please come to such a good teacher to share poems, through the interpretation of the teacher, let me how to make poetry creation in the future and how to appreciate poetry has a clear way and direction, also strengthened the confidence of the forward in the literature on the road, hope in the future have more teachers to communicate with us, let us learn more knowledge.”Zhang, a woman who came to the event, said.Might this sharing, said an official with the activities to promote nationwide reading, improve the cultural quality, and create a good atmosphere of “scholarly ningde, the future will continue into the community, in the form of the ground more connotation is rich, different kinds of reading sharing activities, and through the big dream Manila city live platform scholarly ningde, enlarge the share of literature and art popularization rate of high-quality goods,Help “five high and five Beautiful” modern new banana city construction deepening.Related links >>> Speaker: Yao Shiying, born in 1970s in Fuan, Fujian province, now lives in Ningde.He is a member of Fujian Writers Association and Chinese Poetry Society.His works can be seen in “Poetry Tide”, “Green Wind”, “Selected Poems”, “Chinese Poetry”, “Prose Poetry world”, etc.His poetry works won the Award of Excellence in China’s “Ning Longgang” Cup Silk Road Poetry Competition, and the Top ten Works of China’s New Realism Poetry in 2019.He published a collection of poems titled “Hometown without Soil and Blood”.Shu Xiang Ning De:Is one of the Manila media hub city brand columns, the columns for video program revision in 2017, after several changes, innovation, columns influence to get promoted, all the way towards the public since the childhood, from single poetry recitation to live music PeiWu poetry recitation to live, content, form continuous communication needs to adapt to the new media era,At present, the audience of the live broadcast platform is nearly 70,000 people.·End· Responsible editor | Lin Ruonan Duty director | Lin Huanxin

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