The south does not raise peony, raise a basin “kerui mo peony”, spend big color red yan, still have perfume flavour

Peonies are very big and have beautiful petals when they bloom, but this plant is only suitable for growing in the north. If it is grown in the south, it will be difficult for it to flower even if it is planted.Because it is a relatively cold species, if the temperature in the south stays high, it will not sprout, or even keep growing leaves.So forget the peonies in the south. If we really want to see them bloom, we can also choose the Great Cremer peony.It is a variety of camellia, belonging to the Camellia family, and its flowering appearance is very large, the petals are overlapping, it is not smaller than the peony flowers, but also can deliver a light fragrance, this smell is very good.It’s imported, but indigenous people grow a lot of it.It also has a lot of flowers, but in terms of flowering it’s pretty good, so IF we really want to conserve it, I can show you how to conserve it.It has to be said that its adaptability is relatively strong in camellia, its cold resistance and drought resistance are relatively good, even in the weather of minus 15 degrees Celsius, it can also be tenacious growth.And it can be cultivated even in arid areas.But in the process of planting, we should choose good soil.We usually buy are garden soil, if want to let it grow to become more strong, and won’t appear the status of the fallen leaves, so after we buy a young, need to soil removed two-thirds of its root, it is ok to keep only one-third, and then washed with water or a bubble open directly, thus can guarantee the root don’t get hurt.Then we can directly find a pot larger than the previous pot, directly paste soil can be, the newly filled soil must use the original soil or use 20% of the nutrient soil, of course, we can also directly buy ready-made or buy some fermented leaf rot soil or pine needle soil, are a good choice.When everything is ready, you can plant it. Choose a low pot as much as possible, never use a deep pot.It is best to choose those with good air permeability basin, and then pay attention to watering, and then put in a ventilated environment, let it slow for a week or so, so that it can grow tenaciously.We can plant it in the normal way, gradually increasing the amount of light, and the lateral shoots will grow a lot.At the same time, we also need to fill some fertilizer in the process, so that it can ensure faster growth.So that’s what we do when we buy it, of course we have to wash out some of the soil, and then we have to change the pot, and then we have to put in a little bit of garden soil, so that we can get some water retention.And in the daily life of the need for more energy to light, especially its growth and flowering season, at this time to put under the sun, the growth can become better, to ensure that it flowering amount.Summer is warmer, so you need about 50% shade, otherwise the leaves will be damaged.At the same time, put it in a ventilated environment, when the soil surface is about two centimeters dry, water it.Of course, we must choose the right fertilizer, in the fall when it will stop growing, and gradually differentiated into flower buds, this time we will find it is more new branches and leaves, so we can choose potassium dihydrogen phosphate.Replenish it every half month and then pour it into the soil, so the branches will gradually age, and eventually the buds will grow out of the top so that it can flower.Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used until it flowers and bears fruit, do not stop early, also do not use too many times, to ensure that the use of low concentration can not appear any problems.If you are interested in cremer, you can enter our shop to buy. Our shop is all cold-resistant varieties suitable for planting in autumn and winter, and all of them are delivered in original POTS and soil, whether in potted plants or in the garden, so click on the link below to buy!

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