Gathering of light and shining stars (6)

Jiang Li (Community grid member of Aihui Netcom) : As a grass-roots worker, I have the responsibility and obligation to do my own job well. In addition to assisting medical staff to do nucleic acid tests, I also need to pick up transfer personnel, install magnetic buckles, buy living supplies for quarantinable people, and take out garbage…Although it is very hard, I always feel warm when I hear the understanding words of the residents and see their active cooperation with the work. All the efforts are worth it.I will always be a “propagandist” and “inspector” of the residents with a positive and optimistic attitude, and stick to the defense line of the community to make every resident feel at ease.Yu Jiazhuo (deputy chief physician of medical Department of City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) : On February 6th, I answered the call of the hospital and checked into the hotel with my bags.After several days of nucleic acid collection, I came back with wet clothes.Later, I was transferred back to the medical department of the hospital. During the day, I stuck to the hotline of the hospital and patiently answered and took notes for patients.The company was selected as the designated hospital to treat patients in the containment community and isolated hotel, which made me feel more responsible.My wife and I are both medical workers who need closed-loop management. We are very worried because we cannot take care of our children’s study.But I believe that the sun is not far away waiting for us, Heihe will usher in a warm spring.Yang Hongxia (transfer officer, Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention) : After the outbreak of the epidemic, I settled down my elderly parents and young niece and devoted myself to the epidemiological investigation of epidemic prevention and control.In order to protect my family and ensure the fighting strength of the migrant team, my colleagues and I have been on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic day and night since the fifth day of the first lunar month.Investigation of positive cases, screening of risk personnel, writing epidemiological investigation reports…It’s not unusual for us to have one task after another and stay up all night.Although very hard, but I have no regrets, I know that as a disease control person shoulder the sacred mission of protecting people’s life and health.Ming-jing zhang (city first people’s hospital of nucleic acid collection team group deputy head, neurology the head nurse) love xinhui district last October 27, after the outbreak, I go to the most dangerous in the isolation ward, active well-documented give children weaned in lactation, the crying child to her old sick mother-in-law care, separated flow tears stream down.After a confirmed case was confirmed on February 6, I said goodbye to my family again and undertook regional nucleic acid sampling.I owe so much to my children and family.But I know that only by giving up and caring for everyone can we fight for the early victory of the epidemic.(Reporter: Wang Dan, Liu Zengwei, Wang Jingmo) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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