Big deal done!Philadelphia relieved the heart, the Nets temporarily relieved

The deal eventually happened, after the nets and Philly front office went back and forth with the asking price. Philly didn’t add Maxi and Sabre, and the Nets traded Harden and Millsap to Philly for Simmons, Steph Curry, Draymond and two first-round picks.Profit for both teams which is the largest one, actually in the deal, everyone is too big, the uncertainty of two trading main body harden and simmons, harden has been sidelined at present, from the start of last season, the leg injury has not completely, each game play very long time to harden all season in a state of exhaustion,Both offensive and defensive aspects, can feel the leg faintly, harden came to Philadelphia for harden or better, however, is the first general manager and he once worked very well, the second in Philadelphia complete people don’t like the nets, the short rear admiral, offense, in the case of harden not fully recovered, don’t him too much trouble,Defense in Philadelphia on the back of a sable the second array of players, insider and boon than the top center, helps harden easier, harden in Philadelphia need to do is to use his experience to ascend the young players, with the special tacit understanding between his and center to make the emperor in the area can get more,And harden cooperated center does not have a not been feed his bread, now grace than DE than he worked with the center of the top talent, will be the team played more easily and smoothly, if harden can recover to a certain level, before the playoffs that grace ratio between DE and harden combination that is absolutely horrible,But so is the nets in the trading or eat a little loss, cannot deny simmons has a certain talent, but he haven’t played for half of the season, even if he came back he attack is absent and also will become the nets a headache, when a home is durant carrying a team to go forward,But simons defense can still worth certain certain, but the nets still need to simmons shooting practice, but also is good for is a small garage for the absence of the Harris share the attack of the mills pressure, nets is really short of people attack also lack of defense, the arrival of the zhuang god is finally able to make up for the weak; bricktownship inside,It’s nice to have size and weight and save the Nets $15 million in luxury tax and $3 million in payroll, but the Nets will move on with their two new first-round picks.This transaction is already anticipated for all, for Philadelphia off simmons to lift their own a piece of heart, for harden completely is to give yourself out of the east of the possibility of a lot more, for the nets can temporarily solve the problem of shortage now, but the deal could let the nets content value,Getting the Nets back into contention with the Bucks will really depend on Irving’s attitude and Simmons’ mental recovery and ability to improve, but at this point in the season, we don’t know how much time will be left in the Nets, the Nets haven’t played in a long time.

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