Win 8 in a row!SUNS unstoppable, booker history, no. 1 without CP3

The NBA season is in full swing and the All-Star break is over.Oklahoma City plays host to the Phoenix SUNS.The SUNS, who have won seven straight, are far ahead of the rest of the western Conference at 48-10, 6.5 games ahead of the second-place Warriors with a winning percentage of 82.8 percent.The SUNS are the first team in history to win 48 games before the All-Star break since the ’16 Warriors.The SUNS ‘regular season lead in the Western conference has been a safe one, but for now they’ve had a few problems.Chris Paul broke his wrist in his last game against the Rockets and will need at least 6-8 weeks to recover, which is right at the end of the regular season, so it’s fair to say Paul’s regular season is pretty much over.”I’ve had discussions with the coaching staff about the rotation after Paul’s injury,” SUNS coach Monti said. “It’s an opportunity for someone else to step up and play with their confidence.”On the other side of the Gleason’s wall, the Oklahoma City Thunder had been second worst in the Western Conference at 18-40 before the match, indicating a wide gap between the two teams.The two teams have already met twice this season, with the SUNS beating the Thunder 115-97 and 113-101.For this game, the SUNS will start Bridges, Crowder, Ayton, Johnson and Booker, while the Thunder will start Wiggins, Bazley, Favors, Giddy and Alexander.Ayton won the first quarter with a jumper and phoenix got the ball first. Ayton missed a floater and Oklahoma City countered with a mid-range jumper by Derrick Favs, a layup by Alexander, and crowder’s shot from the free throw line to open the game.The New York SUNS had a 14-12 lead early in the first quarter, while The Gain included a reverse layup by Michael Ayton and a surge from the rim.From that point on, the Thunder went into a two-minute drought, scoring just two points in the final five minutes.On phoenix’s side, Bridges and Booker drove into the paint and hit flotches, leading the SUNS on a 17-2 run.The SUNS took a 17-point lead 31-14 after the first quarter.In what was expected to be a super-tight game, the Thunder collapsed in the second quarter, but the SUNS suddenly lost power and Oklahoma seized the opportunity to get back in the game.Johnson made a layup to help the SUNS extend their lead to 19 points early in the second quarter, and Treiman answered with an easy layup and Bokushevski made a kill inside with two free throws before adding a dunk inside to get the SUNS within 10.Booker also lost his touch in the second half of the quarter, ending with two three-point attempts.The Thunder outscored the SUNS 31-17 in the second quarter to cut the lead to just three at halftime.The SUNS led the Thunder 48-45 in the first half. game in the second half began, easy to fight again, the two teams has been stepped up to the second half his offensive efficiency, gidi exalted skyer layup successful, ushered in the third quarter, booker immediately respond with perimeter jumpers, pressure cast high achievements, perimeter three bow archery, Johnson, with lehman’s perimeter are also into the heart, once take the thunder team.At this point, the SUNS adjusted their form in time, again relying on Bridges and Booker, gradually pulled away.The SUNS led the Thunder 85-77 after three quarters.Robbie Glebe scored five straight points for the New York Thunder in the last game of the set, but the team seemed to run out of steam midway through the fourth quarter.Booker was unstoppable in the final quarter, scoring 11 points and two assists on 5-for-6 shooting to lead the SUNS to victory.The SUNS beat the Thunder 124-104 for their eighth straight win.For the SUNS, Booker had 25 points, five rebounds, 12 assists and five steals.Bridges had 21 points and five rebounds;Cameron Johnson had 21 points and five assists;Crowder, 17;Holiday with 12 points.For Oklahoma City, Alexander had 32 points and five assists.Josh Girdy had 15 points, nine rebounds and six assists;Pokushevski had 13 points and seven rebounds;Treiman had 11 points, five rebounds and six assists;Robbie 9.Notably, Booker became the first SUNS player to record 25 points, 10 assists and 5 steals in a game since 2001, joining Jason Kidd.

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