Mirror Twin Cities episode 29: Maya White strays into a feather trap

True arashi want to change everything, but in the end it is powerless, compared to all the people pay, and he really do too little.Knowing that the outcome has been doomed, but also feel the process of events, even because of the acquisition of power at the same time, but also gradually lost the equal price, if the thought of seeing the sun again becomes a reality, the six Kings only finally ashes to ashes.Kenji received bai Lin letter, know her plan to fail, is willing to continue allegiance, and try to kill Su Copy, then also hope to restore its freedom.At the same time, Su copy fell into a nightmare, aimless wandering in the woods, until looking for that familiar figure, how to know that the front of the people seem to be White Maya, but in fact is a different person.Su copy regardless of how much to think, take the initiative to white Maya, decided not to retrieve the seal, but with her together.In a flash, the dream burst, Bai Lin accidentally learned that sister open colorless city price, resentment for Su Copy increased, so hands grabbed his neck, want to put him to death.While Su copy backhand she pushed away, White Maya rushed to stop, bai Lin persuaded her sister to give up to save the empty mulberry, but was rejected, she turned into birds away.Bai Maya stood in place in a daze, and so she bravely turned to face Su Mo, admitted that he had a moment of enchanted, and for this enchanted and not wake up.But now, white Maya seriously considered this section of feelings, dare not force Su copy continue to stay in their side, can think of the best result is each other back to the origin.Su copy did not force, take the initiative to embrace white Maya, in the white hand back to embrace, suddenly heard Su copy perfect words, is slowly falling, see him leave back.In fact, true arashi real mood at the moment, the most empathy, empty mulberry general Xijing, also let him think of one hundred years ago and true arashi first meet the picture.If they are the grand cause of the army, so true haze is equivalent to the flag of the leadership, because of his existence, so that we can get together, life and death, without fear of danger to charge.Perhaps as true arashi said, Wang Yi is a symbol of bondage and shackles, if conversely thinking, it is also equivalent to faith and strength.Xijing knows that everyone is running and fighting, not for personal freedom and love and hate, but for what is above this, for one hundred thousand people to wake up, but also for spring to return to the blue sea first, so Xijing respects from the heart, and is willing to follow their steps, until success.With the words just fall, cangliu army hurried to the mountain, really arashi decided to disperse a few people, by him and xijing responsible for each other away, after meeting in the tianxiang hotel.Yan Xi and the sheng with a tacit understanding, the success of flying lian captive as hostages, immediately sent to tianxiang restaurant.While true arashi they haven’t arrived, the first spring with the first herbs to fei Lian healing, by the way to discuss with him, if the cang flow army to catch people, must not hurt the sheng.Feather magic design by Maya white bait, let each other mistakenly think su copy was captured, thus in prison laid a trap, waiting for her to fall into the snare.White Maya see Sue copy of the disguise of the shark real face, it realized that they were deceived, and then xiao has taken refuge in feather magic.In fact, xiao also suffered feather magic plot, originally want to rescue little Lord Su copy, how to know failure, but complicit white Maya.Su copy alone came to the flower tree, from a number of wishing cards in the search for a wooden card, writing “I would like to” three characters, finally understand their position in the heart of White Maya.At this time su copy feel the biting force, directly fell from the bridge mirror lake, fortunately, Spring ancestors found in time, will bring him back to camp.Repair to check the su copy of the situation, and found no surface scars, as for why unconscious, also need to find the left right to ask as soon as possible.Xijing and true LAN came to the day sweet restaurant, heard the Cang flow army will white Maya, Su copy two people seized, then hurried to find inflammatory xi to discuss countermeasures.Flying lian is feather magic, related to other information, refused to reveal.True arashi decided to let big life water mirror probe, the top priority is to save white Maya.Yan Xi and the sheng with Fei Lian ready to leave, but fei Lian actually fled halfway, happened to meet the news of the South Zhao.Because fly lian promised before yan Xi will not hurt him, so deliberately to the south zhao refers to the opposite direction, is also a promise.Nan Zhao chased all the way not suspicious traces, but through various clues, suspected flying Lian in collusion with spring ancestors, decided to hold him back to life.Feather magic led the army to return to the city, people have not yet to the five division hall, white king captured the news has spread.Kenji conferred feather magic as a little general, but let the division peng slightly dissatisfied, deliberately strange irony, it is he personally brought out of the people, and finally surrendered to the kenji, it is the heart is unwilling.Su copy did not wake tardy, the black gas of the whole body spreads more intense, cure repair makes a diagnosis and treatment for him again, guess spirit knowledge seems to be captured by the person, at present only the adult of the fire of the Ming can have method to help.And at the moment left power make not big camp, as the ning Cool of right power make shoulder heavy responsibility, guarding su copy at the same time, at the same time call Ming fire appear.

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