I switched to freestyle skiing at the age of 10 in the Winter Olympics. Qi Guangpu, a veteran of the fourth Winter Olympics, won the seventh gold medal for China

Qi Guangpu advanced to the men’s freestyle skiing aerials final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16.In the final battle, he excelled in the movement of 5.0 difficulty coefficient and finally won the gold medal.In the evening, the leading teachers of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, the coaches of Shenyang Athletic Sports School and the small team members cheered for the Chinese athletes in the conference room of Baiqingzhai ski resort.Qi Guangpu Shenyang Institute of Physical Education president Liu Zheng also came to the conference room to watch the game.”The athletes have made our school’s winter Olympics history,” he said. “So far the women and men have each won a gold medal and a silver medal in the team event.I can’t express how proud and happy I am for them at this moment.””In 2006, Qi guangpu was selected to the national youth team, and later became the freestyle skiing coach of our school.”Meng Chunyuan, president of the competitive Sports school of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, said, “Qi Guangpu took the gold medal today, which proves once again that all athletes must have dreams and must adhere to their dreams. Congratulations to him and to the Chinese delegation.”It is understood that Qi Guangpu’s wife Zhao Shanshan is a freestyle skiing aerialist, and won the national Games champion.She has also been cheering for her husband Qi Guangpu during the Games.Qi Guangpu was born in Peixian county, Xuzhou, Jiangsu province in 1990. He began to practice skills at the age of five.Qi’s father, Qi Juntao, had been a firefighter in his early years and excelled in track and field.Qi Guangpu was influenced by his father and had good physical quality since childhood. Although he was not tall and thin, the children around him could not run past him.It is because of this physical foundation that qi Guangpu, who was only 8 years old, and his teammates won the gold medal of men’s skill pairs at the 14th Provincial Games in Jiangsu province in 1998.In the same year, Qi guangpu won the fifth place of men’s double in the junior group in the National Skills Championship held in Nanning, Guangxi.The following year, Peixian county, Xuzhou, started a new trampoline project. Because Qi guangpu was flexible, he was transferred to the trampoline team for training.In the same year, Qi guangpu won the championship in the jiangsu Provincial trampoline competition.It also confirmed his determination to pursue a career in sports.Qi Guangpu gets Physical Training In 2000, qi Guangpu was sent to Changchun, Jilin Province, at the age of 10, to practice freestyle skiing aerialskills.In 2006, at the age of 16, Qi entered the national junior aerials team for freestyle skiing.In 2011, I officially entered Shenyang Institute of Physical Education for undergraduate study.In 2017, qi guangpu, now 27 years old, won the gold medal of the 2016-17 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Aerial skills Competition at Deer Valley in the United States with 128.96 points.The following year, he competed in the 2017-18 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Aerial skills competition in Deer Valley, USA, where he finished second with 130.77 points.On December 12, 2021, Qi Guangpu, Xu Mengtao and Sun Jiajun joined the Chinese team to win the men’s and women’s mixed team event of the 2021-22 Freestyle Skiing Aerials World Cup in Luka, Finland, with a total score of 354.87 points.And Xu Mengtao, as a veteran of four Winter Olympics, in many awards, Qi Guangpu only lack a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.And this time, he succeeded.Li-an old hero, costraint.Congratulations to Qi Guangpu and the Chinese sports delegation!

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