Gu Ailing inspired makeup

GuAiLing inspiration makeup | short round light half-blood makeup is not arrived inspiration oh not imitation imitation makeup makeup, don’t like do not spray![Lovely R] Frog Princess Gu Ailing won the gold medal!Super awesome!The beauty of absolute absolute child is real hammer!When I looked at her photos, I felt that she was confident and good-looking, and her makeup was very suitable for ordinary people to learn from. The light hybrid makeup of simple atmosphere was easy to use, and it was especially suitable for short round face. After the painting, the instant aura from soft sister was 1.8 meters!All in all, matte base makeup, clear wild eyebrow, earth color, deep eye makeup, natural curling eyelashes, delicate contouring nude lipstick.Very suitable for professional women, foundation, KIKO, lipstick, Celvoke

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