CCTV5 live!China women’s basketball team highlight, two big guards join, Xu Limin will leave the team

The qualifying schedule for the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup has been confirmed. China will play three matches in Belgrade, Serbia in February, and will compete against France, Nigeria and Mali for three qualifying spots.According to the schedule, The Chinese women’s basketball team will play the first game against the world no. 9 Nigeria at 21:00 on February 10. Although it is away game, the Chinese women’s basketball team is still confident.After Zheng Wei replaced Xu Limin as the head coach, the women’s basketball roster has also been adjusted to some degree, two champion guards joined, xu Limin will leave the team.The Chinese women’s basketball team has a total of 18 players in the training squad, which are Wu Tongtong, Huang Sijing, Li Yueru, Li Yifan, Pan Zhenqi, Yang Liwei, Zhang Ru, Jin Weina, Luo Xin 棫, Li Yuan, Wang Siyu, Yang Hengyu, Yang Shuyu, Gao Song, Han Xu, Li Meng, Wang Lili, Tang Ziting.Compared to the last cycle of the women’s basketball roster, Xu Limin guided the two favorite sun Mengran and Shao Ting all left the team, in addition to age due to injury, there are injury reasons, in this set of roster, Zheng Wei guidance to women’s basketball injected fresh blood, like Yang Shuyu, Yang Hengyu and other people have been promoted.Nigeria though women’s basketball team’s overall strength is better than the Chinese women’s basketball team, but they are the players’ physical quality is very good, the pitch against ability is strong, is very good at playing fast break, individual ability is prominent, but the short board is also evident, Nigeria team player’s attack efficiency is very bad, the biggest threat to China’s women’s basketball team, is the center of Nigeria center gram,She averaged 12.6 points and 9 rebounds in the ’18 World Cup.China women’s basketball inside configuration is also very outstanding, Li Yueru and Han Xu’s combination of dominance is very strong, according to their technical characteristics, Zheng Wei guidance will also make different types of platoon array.Li Yueru has a strong ability to fight under the basket, and her personal skills are very solid, and she can shoot in the middle and far range. Han Xu is very good at rebounding and protecting the frame. It is not difficult for Chinese women’s basketball team to get off to a good start against Nigeria.Besides insider prowess, Zheng Wei also has carried on the reinforcement in defence, after veteran Shao Ting no roster, Zheng Wei SUSIE to and wang lili, two national guard called into the squad, and SUSIE to the three international show strong three-point shooting ability and the ability to break through, and wang lili is in control of the rhythm is very outstanding, this season as much as 43% from three,Penetration and delivery were solid.With Yang Liwei, Wang Lili, Yang Shuyu, Li Yuan and Wang Siyu in the defensive line, and Li Meng, Huang Sijing, Li Yueru and Han Xu, China’s women’s basketball team is almost certain to advance.Live tips: Live on Thursday, February 10th at 21pm CCTV5

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