18 arrested!Jingyu public security successfully hit a telecommunications network fraud gang

Recently, in baishan city public security bureau with the support from the related launching, jingyu county public security bureau, careful investigation depth, after more than 20 days of unremitting efforts, successfully solved a telecom network fraud gang, destroying fraud dens 1, captured the criminal suspect 18, seizure crime computer 12 sets, mobile phone of 21, involving a bank card, 136 audi car a car,The confiscated money was 1,569 million yuan.On February 10, the Police brigade of Jingyu County Public Security Bureau received a report from a resident surnamed Wang who said he saw an advertisement on wechat moments, which declared:Use normal international foreign exchange platform, can follow “teacher” do sheet, make money through abstracting commission and earn exchange rate difference, wang mou discovers partial capital loss after single, be followed up after drawing cash failure “teacher” Li Mou screen, Wang mou this just realize oneself be cheated, hence alarm.After receiving the report, the police immediately launched a case investigation, analyzed the fund flow and account subject of the involved account through information research and judgment, followed the line and picked up the threads, and 18 criminal suspects led by Tang XXX gradually surfaced, involving 15 cities and 10 provinces in China.Handling the case police immediately report to the bureau leadership, bureau leadership attaches great importance to, the elite police force set up a task force, to carry out detection work.After many kinds of police coordination, lasted for more than half a month of careful investigation and tracking row, found that this is a level clear, clear division of labor, tight organization, the use of false website operation background telecom network fraud gang, through the organization of training to act as a single “teacher” telecom network fraud.On February 25, the Jingyu county public Security bureau set up 18 arrest teams and launched raids in 15 cities in 10 provinces, including Shenzhen, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Shandong.On March 3, after several days of investigation and analysis, a strict arrest plan was formulated. The arrest team unified the net. After more than 10 hours of squatting and waiting, under the active cooperation of the local public security organs, 18 criminal suspects led by Tang Xx were successfully captured.After the trial, suspects Tang so-and-so, Pan so-and-so and other 18 suspects on the use of false international foreign exchange website, through modification, manipulation of website background data to defraud members of the implementation of telecommunications network fraud confessed.At present, the case is being further handled.Original title: “18 arrested! Jingyu Police Successfully Crack down a Telecom and Internet fraud gang”

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