Make effective use of OGSM tools to make enterprise development “stay true to the original aspiration”

Most of the time, on the road to start a business all the way busy, in the face of the unpredictable outside, it is easy to lose our direction in hard work.How to sort out the development ideas in real time and keep the original intention and direction, you need to know how to use the effective tool — OGSM tool to assist and review regularly.OGSM is short for long term goals, short term goals, strategies and methods.The OGSM of the enterprise is: O Long-term goal: the vision and mission of the enterprise.To put it simply, what kind of purpose and valuable things the enterprise wants to achieve.For example, it could be a development plan of at least five years.G Short-term goal: Disassemble the vision and mission of the enterprise into short-term development goals.In the long-term development process, the small nodes formulated can be quantified and decomposed with specific data, such as the realization of specific goals within a fixed time.S strategy: what kind of way should the enterprise use to achieve these goals, how to do, what to do first and what to do after, and go that way, this is the strategy.Translate such strategies into specific implementation plans, clarify the division of labor and responsibilities of participants, clarify the purpose, check at any time, and make the goals and concepts of the concept have a starting point in practice and gradually become reality.M Metrics: Visualize your goals digitally.Specific figures and quantifiable indicators can prove whether the goal is achieved, and facilitate the measurement of problems in the process of achievement and operation.It is important not only to be aware of the use of OGSM tools, but also to review them regularly.Put the enterprise’s own OGSM on paper and review and review it at intervals to check your progress and results.Let yourself in not firm, some confusion, can be corrected in time.The determination to achieve great things is not daunted by difficulties. It is consumed by daily trivialities.The greater the goal, the longer the persistence, the more need to clear the completion of the goal.The passage of time, running back and forth in trifles, will gradually make people into anxiety, let a person waste, not really idle, but busy, no time to think, no time to grow.When you are busy, you forget why you are busy. When you are busy, you have no energy to think and learn.No input which output, do not learn progress, and eventually become mediocre.Though a road be long, it will come; though a thing be hard, it will be done.Business, is a long time, difficult things, need super perseverance and long-term efforts.When they deviate, they fall into place or stagnate, or they lose their goals and fall off track.If you have a compass, you can always help yourself to see clearly the goals set by yourself, a clear direction of development, it is easy to get back on track, it is easier to firm confidence.

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