I am who for whom

Who am I?What kind of people?Maybe you never thought about it.I am the last one to leave, I am the first one to start work, I am the one who thinks of myself least, I am the one who sticks to the last, I am the one who acts the fastest, I am the one who cares about everyone the most, I am the Communist Party of China, and I am always with you.The party branch of the project organized all party members, probative party members and active party applicants to receive the education of the Red Revolution in Jinggangshan and renew the oath of party membership.Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China.No matter how far we go, we will never forget the journey that led us here.The Revolution of 1911 established a democratic republic, the May 4th Movement opened the curtain of the New Democratic Revolution, and the New Youth promoted the spread of Marxism. From Shikumen in Shanghai to South Lake in Jiaxing, new life was born on the little red boat, sounding the horn of the communist national rejuvenation.We have surmounted rapids and treacherous rapids and surmounted formidable waves. From the arduous era of revolutionary struggle to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we have carried on with us the great dreams of 1.4 billion people and, through a century of glory, become a giant ship that has guided China steadily and steadily on its journey.From the weak to the strong, from standing up to become rich and then to become strong, achieving a historic leap.Socialist construction drawing magnificent Shi Pian determined to forge ahead, to surrender the spirit of patriotism feelings show the war of resistance, the yalu river defend intrepidity, fight warrior never indomitable spirit, united heroism against disaster, diligently struggle dedication hard yu gong, surmount perseverance epic writing resistance to disease, bears hardships and stands hard work originality molded create happiness….Honed steel body, never afraid of setbacks and difficulties.Theme party day activities for party members to wear badges to adhere to the purity of the party advanced, firm will.We have nothing but the people in mind. We know we have a heavy burden to bear, and we have overcome difficulties. No force can hold back the sonorous pace of our march forward.Come forward in danger;In the face of danger, lead the charge.In the dead of night, guard duty to ensure peace, bright lamp records ordinary story;Winter, regardless of personal safety, rushed into the ice cave rescue drowning.I am a communist soldier, I will not be myself, not the people.Keep your original aspiration and keep your mission firmly in mind.I have a lofty ideal pursuit and goal, scientific theory thought banner, has the correct organizational line platform, have pure belief of the Chinese nation, have advanced the superior magic weapon system, a strict discipline rules, has a strong competence to win hearts and minds, have self revolution willpower strong physique, inner struggle spirit support, with people’s acclaimed protection fearless hero.Inheriting the Spirit of the Red Flag Canal Practice learning education Activities I am the Communist Party of China, despite the wind and rain for one hundred years, grow strong and strong, standing strong forest, it is the youth.One can not be less on the way forward, follow me forward, struggle for communism for life!To seek the happiness of the people and the rejuvenation of the nation, and to draw up the blueprint for building a modern socialist country, it is a long journey. I have always remembered the wishes of the pioneers, and I have been working hard to win.

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