Have you ever seen a Cadillac XT4

As for Cadillac XT4, it has been able to achieve close to 4,000 sales so far, which is outstanding in the luxury brand compact SUV.If you care about power and luxury, the Cadillac XT4 is a good choice.The end of the year is approaching, many friends plan to buy a car at the end of the year to drive home to increase face, today to tell you, luxury brand compact SUV Cadillac XT4, luxury brand compact SUV model, what will you think of?I believe that each consumer has a different answer in mind.Recently, Cadillac XT4 also carried out the annual change, officially launched the 2022 model, the new car launched a total of four different configurations, the price of 261,700 to 354,700 yuan, and compared to the old model of 2597 to 352,700 yuan of the guide price has increased, so what are the adjustments?Is it worth buying when the price goes up?In terms of body size, Cadillac XT4 is 4600mm long, 1881mm wide, 1627mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2779mm. It is normal in compact SUV, but it is sufficient for a family of three.In terms of design, Cadillac XT4 has a good sense of power and movement on the side. The waist line runs from the front axle to the taillights, which looks very simple. The wheels offer 18-inch / 20-inch wheels, but for most ordinary consumers, 18-inch wheels will suffice.Typically, consumers who pay attention to Cadillac’S XT4 are attracted by its full-range 2.0T engine or sporty look;However, for a car, the appearance design is also relatively important, after all, the impression will be more profound.Cadillac XT4 adopts the family style front design, the most iconic is the shield shape in the middle of the net and the tearful headlights, so that the front of the car looks very sharp.LED light source is adopted in the large light group, and daytime running light has the function of turn signal, emphasizing the unity of design.The front part of the 2022 model remains the same as the familiar Cadillac XT4, but still recognisable.The rear part of the 2022 Cadillac XT4 also has no change. It is still composed. The large L-shaped taillights on the left and right sides are very recognizable, and the high brake lights on the rear spoiler are designed to further alert the following vehicles.Configuration in addition to the entry version of the model, other models support electric trunk, trunk position memory function, and the top matching model also support induction trunk function.For SUVs, having an electric trunk sounds convenient, but for compact SUVs the size of Cadillac’s XT4, it’s not really that important, and consumers can choose according to their needs.The power aspect is also another big bright spot of this model, as the American model, the engine power generally does not let the consumer down.On the basis of the original 2.0t turbocharged engine, the whole system has added a 48V light mixing system, with peak horsepower up to 237Ps and peak torque up to 350n. m, matched with a 9-speed manual automatic transmission.However, this powertrain has been used in many gm brand models, and Cadillac XT4 is equipped with this 2.0T engine, which also makes its horsepower in the same class of models belong to the forefront, I believe that many consumers like power will be impressed by it.The interior design basically maintains the style of the old model, and only some adjustments are made in configuration. Especially, the CUE system of the central control screen is one of the highlights of this model modification, which can realize OTA update, Baidu intelligent voice, mobile APP control, auto link application and other functions.The new intelligent voice assistant, one-language voice control and customized wake words are also very interesting.In addition to the Internet of vehicles, it still supports the mobile phone interconnection function, so as to cover the intelligent experience of the central control to more groups as much as possible.However, even as a modified model in 2022, it still does not carry a full LCD dashboard. Except for the 8-inch LCD instrument of the top-equipped model, all other models are 4.2-inch, which is a bit boring.Cadillac XT4 this time, although some guidance price has been raised, but also upgraded a lot of configuration, such as a new center control system, 48V light mix, etc., are also more practical upgrades, in addition, it also added two additional body color, so that the choice is more personalized.And the car series has been reduced from 5 models to 4 models, and made a good configuration distinction;If consumers do not care about driving assistance very much, they can directly choose the entry-level model of 261,700, while consumers who need driving assistance can upgrade one configuration and choose the model of 292,700.

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