Big face feels like sitting next to a mummy!But!It’s very convenient to use!

Hello everyone, welcome to the world of Shin-sayo manga, I am today’s editor Shin-sayo.This time, I’ll tell you about ah Shuai after she was injured!Don’t wrap a mummy!Big face thinks it’s nice to sit next to a mummy!Take a look!It’s a unique package, isn’t it?Big face says she feels like she’s sitting at a table with a mummy!Ah shuai said don’t you have a sense of the vicissitudes of history?Big face younger sister suddenly feel have a mummy deskmate actually quite good!After washing your hands, you can dry them on the mummy’s head!Can be used as a rag to wipe the table!Well, this issue of “Ah Shuai” cartoon ends here, there are more wonderful funny stories to share with you one by one, remember to follow me, we will see you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to small new cartoon injury time just appears to love learning more!Never steal food by mistake!What “world martial arts” ah!Thanks to the Washboard!A peaceful atmosphere!

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