“Art is heavy” Pingxiang Pavilion painting thirty-one: old friends get together

Thirty-one In 1979, Beijing Science and Education Film Studio produced a large-scale documentary “Chinese flower and bird painting”.In the recording of Wang Xuetao album, Mr. Xiao Lang and Mr. Sun Qifeng made a special trip to Beijing to participate in the shooting work.To their delight, Xue Tao’s disciple Guo Xihe, who teaches at The Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang, also came to Beijing at xiao Lang’s invitation.Mr. Xiao Lang and Mr. Sun Qifeng Guo Xihe (1917-1995) word with cloud, don’t sign xihe.From Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.Under the guidance of Wang Xuetao, wang Xuetao’s disciples.In 1939, Mr. Wang Xuetao held flower and bird exhibition with Xiao Lang in Zhongshan Park, Beijing.He graduated from National Peiping Art College in 1940.He has participated in Beijing Chinese Painting Research Association and Lake Society painting Association.1961 to lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts to teach.Member of Chinese Artists Association, professor of Liaoning Province Chinese painting Research Association.Good at freehand flowers and birds, and good at calligraphy, seal cutting.The flower-and-bird paintings are composed and smooth, calm and changeable, with rich and elegant colors, vivid and interesting pictures.In Beijing to assist the filming of the old snow film, Mr. Xiao Lang specially invited Mr. Guo Xihe to tianjin home.Mr. Guo Xihe and Mr. Xiao Lang born in the same year, but the birthday is greater than Mr. Xiao Lang, he entered wang Xuetao flower and bird class earlier than Mr. Xiao Lang, so Mr. Xiao Lang called it a brother.Although the two brothers have not seen each other for many years, the affection between them is still sincere and deep.At that time, Mr. Xiao Lang and his family just returned to Tianjin from Guangxi, temporarily living in a classroom arranged by the school.The conditions at home are relatively poor, but they do not affect the emotional catharsis between the brothers.Mr. Xiao Lang also invited Mr. Sun Qifeng, an alumnus of Peiping Art College with Mr. Guo Xihe, to accompany him. The old painting friends who had not seen each other for many years gathered together in a warm atmosphere.Bamboo plum double bird figure (Guo Xihe, Xiao Lang, Sun Qifeng for Wang Zhende) 1979 painting friends together, naturally not to painting lyric.The painting case is covered with paper, and ink and inkstone are ready, so the masterpieces are frequent.This scene happened to be Mr. Xiao home to talk about Mr. Wang Zhende met, Mr. Xiao Lang immediately introduced it to Mr. Guo Xihe.However, it is not as early as coincidence, one side is responsible for making tea and pouring water Xiao Shifu proposed to cooperate with a piece of work to Zhen De, so Mr Guo Xihe wrote a plum blossom with vigorous and powerful strokes;Mr. Xiao Lang drew two sparrows, one flying, the other falling to watch;Mr. Sun Qifeng made up two bamboo sticks and inscribed with a neat brush, and Mr. Wang Zhende was full of reverence and gratitude to the three teachers for a picture of two birds of bamboo plum.(Credit: Xilang Art)

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