Two rounds of nucleic acid are negative!Mentougou epidemic prevention and control efforts more temperature

After the outbreak occurred in Longyue Changan Eatonyuan Community, Jingxi Jiayuan Community, Yongding Town, Mentougou District, the Mentougou District Committee and the District government attached great importance to it, designated the containment area and prevention area, and adopted a variety of control measures to provide all-round services for people living at home and residents in surrounding communities.At present, all residents in the containment and prevention areas have completed the second round of nucleic acid testing, and all the samples have been negative.To be divided into centralization Long letter yue chang ‘an eton park home quarantine personnel daily life of the security work of community, community residents’ committees for the first time organize personnel power and supplies to implement “area, never leave home, door to door service” the management measures, for home quarantine personnel distribution, life style, and provide to buy medicine, shopping and other services.Gao Quanjun, secretary of the Party branch of Jingxi Jiayuan Community, said, “We provide a variety of services for people who are quarantined at home. For example, if a quarantined person needs medical treatment, we immediately report to the Mentougou District Health Commission to contact the hospital, and the Mentougou District Health Commission arranges a special bus for medical treatment.”Beijing Xiayuan Community is located in the northeast of Longyue Changan Eatonyuan Community, the community was designated as a prevention area after the outbreak of the epidemic. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, residents in the prevention area are required to take two rounds of nucleic acid tests.Jingxi Jiayuan Community Committee arranged staff to visit residents to introduce the situation related to the epidemic and remove their concerns and concerns.Residents said, “I was afraid when I first learned about the epidemic, but the neighborhood committee and property management responded very quickly. They arranged nucleic acid tests in time, so that we could remove our concerns. We will actively cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the requirements of the community.”Mentougou Rong Media Center reporter: Chen Kai

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