Hainan today and tomorrow parts of the rain!There will be cold air in the coming days

The first day of school coincides with the rain rain daily sister reminds everyone umbrella must not forget because the rain weather will continue according to the hainan meteorological station is expected to 17th to 18th during the day of hainan Island cloudy,The weather forecast on land is expected to be 17 ~ 18 in the daytime, Hainan Island is cloudy, local there are small showers, the temperature is rising day by day, the temperature is rising day by day,The highest temperature on May 18 was 29 ~ 32℃ in the western and southern regions, 27 ~ 30℃ in other regions, and the lowest temperature was 19 ~ 22℃ in the whole island.From The night of The 18th to the 19th, there will be light rain and local moderate to heavy rain on the overcast day of Hainan Island, and the temperature will drop. The highest temperature will be 20 ~ 24℃ in the north of Wuzhishan, and 26 ~ 29℃ in the south of Wuzhishan. The lowest temperature will be 13 ~ 16℃ in the north of Wuzhishan, and 17 ~ 19℃ in the south of Wuzhishan.Hainan main road traffic weather forecast is expected to 17 to 18 days during the day, hainan Island east highway Haikou to Wanning section, the middle highway Haikou to Qiongzhong section, overcast between cloudy with scattered light rain, transportation weather conditions are generally good.18 night to 19, hainan island expressway sections, cloudy between light rain, local medium to heavy rain, rain has a certain impact on traffic.Qiongzhou Strait navigable weather condition forecast is expected to 17 ~ 18 daytime, cloudy with showers, southeast wind force 5, gust force 6 ~ 7, navigable weather condition is general.18 night to 19, cloudy day with light rain, northeast wind level 6, gusts 7 ~ 8, navigation meteorological conditions are poor.In the next 4 to 7 days, hainan meteorological condition trend forecast is expected to be affected by cold air from 20th to 23rd, hainan island will have a cooling and rainfall process, which will have a certain impact on transportation.Qiongzhou Strait, it is expected from 20th to 21st, cloudy day with light rain, northeast wind force 6, gust force 7 ~ 8, navigation meteorological conditions are poor.22 ~ 23, cloudy, east wind level 5, gusts 6 ~ 7, navigation meteorological conditions general.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Xi Jihong Correspondent: Huang Jingyi, Li Fan, Guo Dongyan Director on duty: Chu Yu, Director on duty: Yuan Feng Content review: Lin Ye, editor in charge: Tang Mimi ▊ Daily sister recommended (stamp below the title) feel good about the content and ↓↓

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