Rural educators notes | Wang Xiaoran: Seeing is not as real, in the face of students need is the heart

Editor’s note: from now on, “Youth Say” column plans to launch “rural educator notes”, to provide a platform for rural principals and teachers to show themselves, share what they have seen and heard in the education front line, and help the construction of rural education pilot area.The following is the Qingdao Laoshan district experimental school teacher Wang Xiaoran’s education notes: music from life, and eventually into life……Remember to give the first day of the first lesson, I said such words.I hope I can bring them into the hall of music, and also make their life gentle, serene and happy because of music.So, work less than two years of immature I, so in the music class, in a story between me and the students, gain the gentle happiness of teaching and learning.I have always known that for middle school students facing the pressure of high school entrance examination, like my own middle school, music class is just a “leisure” time to relax and fly.And when he becomes a music teacher today, especially in the situation of music examination promotion, to the classroom routine to quality, also can not avoid becoming my music teacher’s goal.I often told myself in my heart, must stand up, let the students have fear, in order to ensure the classroom routine, in order to complete the teaching objectives.Stage detection before a music class, I walked into the music classroom on the bell.Talking, chatting, laughing…I resisted the urge to reprimand my students and stood in silence, watching them…Gradually, the classroom quiet down, I went to the platform: “class!”The monitor shouted, “Hello, teacher!”Can just sit down, see many students took out the music classroom exercise book.My patience was instantly broken, Shouting: “Please put your homework away immediately!”Perhaps because I shouted out of the blue, the students began to put away their exercise books one after another.But one of the boys picked it up slowly with a look of disdain on his face.I could not help but go to his eyes, angry way: “don’t take it, I will confiscate!”He glared up at me. “Can’t you see I’m collecting?”I said: “see, seize the time, don’t delay the class’s time!Everyone is waiting for you!”I turned back to my desk, swallowed my anger and began.In the course of class, I couldn’t help noticing the boy’s performance just now.As expected, he fiddled with his pen even during the singing lessons.That absent-minded look is clearly a great disrespect to me.I can’t get rid of the anger in the heart, called him up to show learning to sing, he stood up only two words: “no!”I was obstinate too, and sternly demanded that he should stand, and then I sang one to him to join in.But he insisted: “No.”At that moment, I was helpless.Hesitating for a moment, for the sake of other students, can only ask him to sit down first, continue the class.Class is over, my mood also calmed down some.I think we can’t let unresolved problems go like this.What if this happens again next time?Thinking of this, I stopped him as he was leaving the classroom.Having calmed down, I put my hand on his shoulder as I usually do when chatting with them. “Why don’t you respect your teacher?”‘I didn’t!The tone was stiff.”Is it because the teacher doesn’t teach well that you don’t take classes seriously?Or don’t you like teachers?”He hesitated and said, “No.Teacher, I like you very much, IT’s not that I don’t like singing…”This surprised me: “Then why do you write homework in music class?Why don’t you sing?””I was told not to sing because I couldn’t carry a tune,” he said.I thought, I really can’t be tone-deaf, and music doesn’t matter anyway. I just need to learn English and Chinese.”Never think is such a reason, I thought: “the teacher when singing is also out of tune, then six years old from the piano, singing is getting better and better.When preparing for the art exam, one of my vocal teachers told me that only one in 1,000 people can be truly tone-deaf.Do you think you’ll be the one?”He finally looked up at me.I then said, “You just have no idea about pitch, and you sing too little. I hear your voice very good, and I believe you can sing well. I have great confidence in you.”The scorn vanished from his face, but he lowered his head again and did not speak for a long time.And I have been waiting patiently, I believe he just needs time to think…Finally, he looked up slowly. “I was wrong, teacher.”So it wasn’t what I saw. He didn’t like music and he didn’t respect me.Every student needs to be respected, and every student needs time to grow.After that, I talked with him many times to let him understand the happiness that music can bring to us and the importance of artistic accomplishment for one’s development based on my own experience of learning music.Education is the awakening of one soul from another.Since then, he has been singing the most seriously in every music class. I have seen his efforts and his changes.Later, I reflected on my behavior in that class.As a teacher, we should not blindly reprimand students with preaching tone when we encounter problems, nor should we define the behavior of students with self-righteousness.What one eye sees is not always the truth.In the face of students, what we need is “heart”.Because of his early teacher’s impatience, so less a calm, inclusive.Slowly wear away a little thought before should have some teacher dignity, more smiles on the face.In class or after school, I always want to communicate with my students in the same identity, talking and joking with them, allowing them to release their own personality, to find more “I do not dislike…”.In this way, in order to better approach the students, into the students, in order to let the students approach me, approach the music, become “music”!

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