Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions issued special subsidies to 589 national model workers in the province

Shaanxi Daily news (reporter Guo Jun) February 11, the reporter learned from the provincial federation of trade unions: the chairman of the provincial federation of Trade unions office meeting decided to grant special subsidies for 589 national model workers in Shaanxi Province 5.063 million yuan.In order to do a good job in the national model workers special subsidy fund distribution work, the provincial federation of trade Unions in advance to arrange the municipal (district) federation of trade unions, provincial industrial unions, provincial organs of trade unions and other units of our province, the living conditions of the national model workers, and the monthly income of each model workers, medical expenses, difficult circumstances for strict audit.It is reported that the national model workers special subsidies include the Spring Festival condolence fund, the standard is 3,000 yuan per person, to all living model workers nationwide.In addition, there are medical examination grants, honor grants, hardship grants, special hardship grants, etc.The subsidy is 1,500 yuan per person per month to those who have been granted the national model worker status as farmers and have no fixed income or have lost the ability to work (male 60 years old and female 55 years old).Editor in charge: Yao Yimeng

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