Li Zhilin I long holiday outside the stock market rose A strong demand after the holiday

Long holiday peripheral stock market rose A strong demand for A stocks after the U.S. three major indexes closed mixed, the nasdaq rose 1.58%, up 2.38% this week;The S&P 500 rose 0.52%, up 1.55% for the week;The Dow fell 0.06%, ending the week up 1.05%.Snap jumped more than 59% as the company posted its first ever quarterly net profit;Amazon jumped more than 13%, its biggest one-day gain since 2015, adding $191bn to its market value, the biggest one-day gain for a single stock in the US market.Bank stocks rallied, with Bank of America up more than 4% and jpmorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Citigroup up more than 2%.Big tech stocks were mixed, with Apple down 0.17%, Netflix up 1.13% and Google up 0.14%.Facebook fell 0.28%, ending the week down 21% in its biggest weekly decline since its U.S. IPO.The Hang Seng index closed 3.24% higher at 24,573.29 after opening 2.48% higher on Friday.Meanwhile, the soE index rose 2.81% and the red chip index rose 2.40%.Auto and technology stocks were among the biggest gainers.Us stocks rose for several days during the Lunar New Year holiday, encouraging bullish sentiment among Hong Kong investors.Both the “stability” of the macro economy, the abundant liquidity and the improvement of market funds have instilled confidence in market institutions.Analysts believe that although the pboc’s reverse repurchase funds will be withdrawn naturally after the Spring Festival, a large amount of cash withdrawal will greatly increase the total liquidity of the banking system, and the large amount of Treasury bonds maturing in the first week after the Spring Festival will also increase liquidity.Therefore, generally speaking, the supply of liquidity is relatively large, and the market capital is more relaxed than before the Festival, which is also a common situation after the Spring Festival.(Shanghai Securities News) Looking back on the Year of the Ox, the A-share market interprets A structural bull market.Looking forward to the Year of the Tiger, we are still full of expectations.China Securities Journal reporters sorted out the views of eight top-flow fund managers, generally believe that although the macro economy is facing some pressure, but under the strong support of stable growth policy, a-shares are difficult to large-scale adjustment, the overall opportunity is more than risk, the market style will tend to balance, quality industry leader is still the most concerned assets.In terms of specific industry direction, there will be good structural opportunities in financial and real estate sectors related to steady growth, as well as growth stocks with high prosperity, such as high-end manufacturing and new energy industries.In the morning, the three major indexes collectively opened significantly higher, but then the index trend appeared differentiation, Shanghai Composite index high strong shock, Shenzhen Composite index and gem index fell.Disk, oil and gas plate opening strong, banking plate opening high.Infrastructure stocks after the outbreak, China Blue Group, institute of research 20CM trading, China Construction, Hanjian Heshan, design institute, Qinglong pipe industry, Hongrun construction, Shandong Road bridge and other shares trading.In addition infrastructure related cement, steel and other plates also follow up.Overall, stocks rose more fell less, more than 3400 stocks rose.The trading volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen reached 553.7 billion yuan, compared with 56.6 billion yuan in the morning of the last trading day, the trading volume of the two markets picked up significantly in the morning of the first trading day after the holiday.In terms of sectors, oil and gas exploitation, underground pipe network, iron and steel, cement, coal and phosphorous chemicals were among the top gainers, while tourism, education, COVID-19 treatment, mobile games and media were among the top losers.Before the Spring Festival, the market all the way down, mainly worries about the peripheral stock market has a significant negative, strong risk aversion.However, during the Spring Festival, the European and American markets were greatly turbulent, and the overall rise, the Dow rose 1.05%, the NASDAQ rose 2.38%.Asian stocks were strong, with the Nikkei 225 and Kospi up 2.70% and 3.26%, respectively.Hong Kong was the best performer, with the Hang Seng index rising 4.34 per cent and the Hang Seng Technology index rising 5.48 per cent, shrugging off concerns.Together with today’s four major securities newspaper blowing warm wind, A – share spring market to encourage.So this morning the index across the red.The SSE 50, CSI 300, SSE Index, CSI 500 and SHENZHEN Component Index rose 2.14%, 1.62%, 1.91%, 1.33% and 1.04% respectively. The GROWTH Enterprise Market and Science and Technology Innovation Board rose around 0.5%.The ratio of advancing stocks to declining stocks was 3406 to 1052.All day stocks 73 stocks, down limit 31.Precious volume only 553.7 billion, failed to enlarge.From the disk, banks, brokerages, petrochemical, infrastructure, digital currency plate up the top.Petrochina fought 8.17% and Sinopec rose 3.58%, contributing to the Shanghai Composite index.Byd jumped 7.1%, leading the new energy vehicle sector.But Changchun high-tech plunged 6.01%, dragging biomedical plate.Morning A shares are mainly short hedge funds before the holiday, repair market, new funds enter the market is not obvious.This week if A shares can zhang 2- 3%, still belongs to the nature of the supplement.The launch of the spring market, investors need to restore confidence, need to have sustained new funds to enter the market, the volume of more than a trillion consecutive.From the a-share market fundamentals unprecedented emphasis on stable growth, loose monetary policy, ample liquidity, the annual spring market inevitable, but mainly structural market.Recovering the pre-2020 close of 3,473 is a key step.Afternoon to pay attention to the bottom of the market can close in 5 antenna 3412 points above, above whether to close in 3430 points above.Rising stocks can continue to expand, trading volume can be more than 900 billion.

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