Smart use of Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway to better serve the Winter Olympics

Tomorrow, the Beijing Winter Olympics will open.The Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing High-speed Railway, as an important transportation service and guarantee facility for the Winter Olympics, will conveniently connect the three sports areas of the Winter Olympics and guarantee the smooth holding of Olympic events.As a high-speed railway line with the highest intelligence level in China.The 174-kilometer-long beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will use fuxing smart trains.As an upgraded version of the Fuxing emU, it has a more streamlined appearance, with a nose resembling a falcon and sailfish, superior dynamic performance and a further 7 percent reduction in air resistance during operation.Not only are they motivated, they’re smart.The train is full of Olympic elements, specially designed skis at the junction;Wireless charging devices for mobile phones have been added next to seats;The train body is equipped with thousands of sensors, like a doctor on board, at any time self-examination, to ensure the safety of operation;Passengers will be able to watch live broadcasts of the Games while sitting on the train, which will also be equipped with a mobile press center.At the same time, a batch of “black technologies” such as Beidou Navigation, 5G and face-swiping are also applied.What used to take 78 minutes to climb the zig-zung slope is now traversed in the blink of an eye by the 12km Badaling Tunnel.More than 2,700 monitoring points have been set up to monitor temperature, vibration and other data for anti-epidemic air defense.At the same time, equipped with vehicle-mounted monitoring and fault prediction and health management system, intelligent operation and maintenance system real-time diagnosis of vehicle status, to ensure train safety.The Olympic Village and ski resorts can be reached in 15 minutes by public transport from Taizicheng station by the smart high-speed train running at 350 kilometers per hour from Beijing.This is Chinese standard, Chinese quality, Chinese speed.The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway not only showcases The scientific and technological achievements of China’s railways, but also highlights the wisdom of The Beijing Winter Olympics.Liu (China)

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