“Zigong” “Village + Cultural Innovation” Dragon Chant United Front Cultural Innovation Base brings you into the new mode of rural revitalization

Longyintao United Front Cultural Creation Base, located in Xinglong Town, Yantan District, is a ceramic seal making factory. It was built in December 2020 and put into production in 2021. It is a large-scale ceramic seal production base nationwide.Since its establishment, the base has been successively awarded as the Pottery and Porcelain Printing practice and training Base of Sichuan Institute of Culture and Art, Zigong New Step Union Cultural and Creative Base and Zigong Shaoxian Team Research and Practice Base.Based on the construction of cultural industry, the base stimulates the employment of the surrounding people and brings the ceramic seals into more people’s lives.”Our size is already one of the best in the country.Dragon Chanting United Front cultural creation base is committed to the production of ceramic seals with high production level. Zhou Yihan, a professional calligrapher and painter who enjoys national fame, is our art director.Yin Qiyuan, head of the Longyin Pottery and cultural Creation Base and a new social class person, introduced to the reporter, “Every seal produced by Longyin Pottery has been carefully designed and checked in terms of the quality of the clay and product shape design.And longyin Culture Base is not only limited to ceramic seals, as a cultural industry company, recently, we are trying to open up new production lines.”Longyin Pottery United Front Cultural creation base has its own development mode, deep cultivation in the field of ceramic seals, and then add the production line of purple sand pot, trying to open up the field of tea ware, and constantly excavate the cultural connotation;Based on the local, fully absorb the surrounding masses employment.”By absorbing the local workforce, we provide them with not only job opportunities, but also a skill, which is a win-win for the base and the workers.”Yin Qiyuan introduced to reporters, “in the near future, we face the local plan to recruit 100 teapotmakers, to provide technical training.We don’t need to be on duty. We can take it home and get more for our work.”Purple sand pot and ceramic seal belong to the category of handmade pottery products.Pottery making is a delicate work. The clay is flattened with a wooden ruler, and the mold is placed. The cutter touches the excess part and gently turns the blastote to separate the waste from the main body along the blade……This is a small segment of the pottery process.Plasticity, printing embryo, embryo repair, glaze, firing, each process should be as serious and meticulous as embroidery, in order to ensure the production of vivid modeling, lifelike.Since it was put into operation in 2021, the Longyin Pottery United Front Cultural creation Base has sold about 100,000 ceramic seals through e-commerce and seal cutting industry channels, and carried out skills training for 30 people around it to improve the income of workers.In the future development plan, Longyintao will also hold national pottery seal exhibitions and cultural exchange activities, and develop products for ordinary consumers.”We have a deep cultural soil and we hope to cultivate more rural artisans.”Yin qiyuan said, “Long-term and stable development is the basic requirement, to drive more local employment, to improve the income of employees is our basic responsibility, to inherit and carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture is our constant aspiration, eternal pursuit.”

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