In the TV series “Meritorious Deeds”, which episode did Zhou Xun appear?

Zhou xun appeared in the 37th to 42nd episodes of the TV series “Meritorious Deeds”.”Meritorious Deeds” is a very wonderful TV drama, it through the description of the story of eight meritorious characters, left a deep impression on the audience, won the support of many viewers.I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the “Exploits” TV drama, it is by Zheng Xiaolong as the general director, Lei Jiayin, Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Xin, Zhou Xun, Tong Dawei and other major reality drama starring.The play has attracted wide attention and is loved by everyone since it was broadcast.Tu Youyou, played by Zhou Xun, appeared in unit seven, Tu Youyou’s Gift, in the eight-unit TV series.Tu Youyou is China’s first Nobel Prize winner in medicine. This unit tells a series of stories about Tu Youyou and her team’s exploration of artemisinin. This story is based on real events and gives you a deeper understanding of Tu Youyou.Zhou Xun is a Chinese film and television actress. She is very talented. After her debut in the movie Tomb Raider, she has acted in many wonderful works, such as The Conjecture of Li Mi and Ruyi Zhuan.Zhou played the role of Tu Youyou very well, not only giving us an in-depth understanding of tu Youyou, but also letting us feel tu Youyou’s personality charm.

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