He saw through the outcome of Liangshan in advance, said ill to leave the Song River, and finally in the overseas king hegemony

The river flows east, and the stars in the sky join the Beidou……Road see uneven a roar, the move when the move……As we all know, the ending of The Novel Outlaws of the Marsh ends with liangshan 108 general “basically dead”, which makes many people feel deeply.However, in this group of people, but there is a very clever person, feigning illness to leave the Song River, and finally in the overseas state when the emperor.”Outlaws of the Marsh” story “outlaws of the Marsh” is the end of the Yuan dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty Shi Naian compiled zhang Hui novels, it mainly tells the story of the green heroes headed by Song Jiang, was forced to grass, and then grow, finally by the court summoned an, began to fight……As the saying goes, “art comes from life, but higher than life.” The water Margin is based on some historical facts recorded in the Stories of Hou Meng in the Eastern Capital, Huizong Benji in the History of The Song Dynasty, and Zhang Shuyi In the History of the Song Dynasty.For example, “The Story of the Eastern Capital Hou Meng Biography” records: “River with thirty-six people run amity heshuo, jingdong army tens of thousands of no dare to resist……”The biography of Zhang Shu-ye in the History of The Song Dynasty also recorded: “The Song River started from Hesuo and turned around ten prefectures. The officers and soldiers did not dare to meet its front.Said to be coming, shu-night between the aiming, thief diameter toward the sea, more than ten big boats, carrying capture……”It can be seen that “Water Margin” and “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” are quite similar, are three points true, seven points false.At the same time, the ending of the story is similar to romance of The Three Kingdoms. Liangshan 108 will almost always end in tragedy.In the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty, 108 heroes headed by Song Jiang gathered together in Liangshan. After the development of Wang Lun, Chao Gai and others, Liangshan finally came to its peak under the leadership of Song Jiang, and could even contend with the imperial court.But under, the imperial court undertakes to recruit an to them, and have all the time “officebearer holds to read” Song Jiang listened to the lie of the imperial court, make Liang Shan hero moved an to the imperial court, work hard for the northern Song Imperial Court then, levy Liao country, Tian Hu, Fang La, escape not to drop desolate destiny.Among them, about 70 percent of the heroes died violently. Song Jiang, Lu Junyi and others won awards from the imperial court, but ended up in tragedy.It can be said that Song Jiang a person’s decision, the whole Liangshan disaster, no wonder will be disliked by readers.It is worth mentioning that among the many heroes in Liangshan, there was a man who narrowly escaped the final disaster.Not only that, from the point of view of achievement, he is the most successful one of the heroes in Liangshan, this person is mixed river long Li Jun.Li Jun’s ability In “Water Margin”, although Li Jun is not particularly strong in comprehensive ability, but his single ability is one of the best, especially the ability of “water war”.For example, when Song Jiang attacked Liao, Li Jun led the water army to attack the water gate of Tanzhou and broke through the enemy’s defenses at one stroke.Later, Li Jun had a war with Tian Hu, taking advantage of the factors of flood and altitude, flooded Tian Hu’s city with rain, laying a foundation for the victory of the war.Fighting with Wang Qing, Li Jun’s water army defeated the enemy’s water army and even captured the rebel leader Wang Qing alive.Generally speaking, after the surrender of the court, Li Jun for Song Jiang’s recruitment career made outstanding achievements in the war.However, watching his brothers die tragically, and the imperial government’s restraint during the war, li realized that “once a thief, always a thief,” and the imperial court would not treat them differently.At the same time, beat Fang La, class back to the court, the court of the treacherous minister afraid of their credit is too large and frequently into calumny……These all sorts of phenomena, let Li Jun initiation crisis feeling, secretly determined to leave.Because at that time leave song Jiang’s person already a lot, Li Jun is afraid he does not agree, then excuse “sick”, “recuperation” on the ground, say to Song Jiang “temporarily” break away from the army, and this one temporarily is forever.Left Song Jiang, Li Jun plans to seek a livelihood by himself, to avoid the pursuit of the imperial court, and do not let the imperial court qiuhou account, Li Jun listened to the proposal of other brothers, choose to go to sea by boat to seek the world of a life.So He went to his brothers in the Taihu lake area, built a big ship and sailed from the port of Taicang to what was then The kingdom of Siam, now Thailand, where he not only met a good end, but made his mark.Although the ancient State of Siam was a country, it was not as unified as it is now. There were many small and large governments in the country, and the power of each small government was not big.Although Li Jun and a group of people is not on the right track of the regime, but the force can not be underestimated, became a well-known local overlord.Therefore, the king of Siam also married her daughter, so Li Jun became husband of the princess.Interestingly, the old King of Siam died, the internal political crisis broke out, Li Jun to clean up the mess, further control of the Siam regime, he became the king, let people feel deeply.Looking back at Li Jun’s life, he is not a brave and resourceful talent, can only say that there is a general but no command, since so he is how to escape from the “disaster” in the birth of the day?This also has to say li Jun on liangshan’s original intention.Li Jun is a person from Luzhou. At first, he punted on the Yangtze River. At the same time, he was also a gangster.At that time, Li Jun was also more economically savvy, with the tong brothers selling private salt, obtained a huge profit.At that time, however, salt was state-owned, so Mr. Li was licking blood from a knife’s edge.Sure enough, eat and drink not worry, happy and carefree is not long, soon Li Jun was targeted by the government, may be arrested at any time.For this, Li Jun had to look for new outlet, the result is in this time Song Jiang is sent to distribute Jiang Zhou, had intersection with Li Jun in Jieyang.Song Jiang in Li Li open black restaurant to eat, the results of the road, is Li Jun saved him.Later, Song Jiang was forced to go nowhere by Mu brothers, Zhang Heng, and Li Jun came forward in time to save him.From a certain point of view, although the intersection of Li Jun and Song Jiang is not intentional arrangement, but too coincidence, may be designed in the heart of Shi Nai an.Third save Song Jiang, because song Jiang wrote a poem, was denounced, sentenced to death, Li Jun led his people robbed the court.Also be precisely because of such, Li Jun went up liang Shan as Song Jiang, because he and Song Jiang have old knowledge, plus carry water extremely good, became liang Shan water army one handle so.Later, Liang Shan zhaoan, Li Jun also did not express views, but “silent” on behalf of his opposition, because he is song Jiang’s people.In general, Li Jun did not go to Liangshan to oppose the government like Lin Chong, nor did he go to Liangshan to oppose the people like Song Jiang. He went to Liangshan voluntarily, mainly to find a happy land to live in.The purpose is simple also created Li Jun will not work for the court, after the success of recruiting an, although Li Jun did a lot of contributions in the east crusade west, but has been protecting themselves, and looking for an opportunity to withdraw.After fang La’s victory, he realized that there was no chance for him to leave, so he pretended to be ill and left.It is also because of this choice, so that he had later achievements, get a stable life.In general, the original mind is different, is the key to Escape from death.What do you think about that?

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