Hangzhou New Year’s Flavor of laodizi!Pengbu Street saved a cloud Spring Festival Gala to stay in Hangzhou New Year residents

When the epidemic situation became tense again and confirmed cases were found in pufu Southern District of Pengbu Street, people from outside Pengzhong Stopped to return to their hometowns and chose to “stay in Peng for the Spring Festival”. Pengbu street held a cloud gala to pay tribute to all the “comrades” who spent the Spring Festival in Pengbu, especially those who were confined in Pufu Southern District.On January 30, under the premise of earnestly implementing the deployment of epidemic prevention and control, Pengbu Street coordinated literary and cultural resources and launched the Cloud Spring Festival Gala in the form of online broadcasting, to send Spring Festival greetings to the residents of Pengbu Street, especially pufu community.Cloud Spring Festival Gala has a total of 10 programs, including song and dance, opera, small heat, cross talk and other forms, lasting nearly an hour.Cultural station brought song rhymes short play qin chess painting and calligraphy accompanied by guzheng playing “blue and white Porcelain”;Qibao community dance team brought festive dance “Decorated with Lanterns”;Hong Wang Yunze, 14, a short story writer from Qiantang Shuo Library, brought “A Good Place in Hangzhou” to tell the story of Pengbu.Xinpengbu people wrote and performed the original anti-fraud skit “Happy New Year” to express to their hometown relatives and friends through the lens, “I feel good in Pengbu For the New Year!”In the program recording process, although there is no audience, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the actors, they still show their best state of mind, full of enthusiasm singing and dancing.Cloud Spring Festival Gala online broadcast as scheduled, area of the residents of the masses brimming with enthusiasm, positive message.A network line connects the Cloud Spring Festival Gala with the Pengbu people. Pengbu streets build a platform through the cloud Spring Festival Gala to display the talents of people from all walks of life and gather together into a special Spring Festival gala to bring a happy and peaceful Year of the Tiger to the Pengbu people.This place is full of the memories of Pengbu, and also carries the most sincere friendship between people.Through this “Cloud Spring Festival Gala”, more new and old Pengbu people will unite their hearts, making Pengbu warmer and the city more beautiful.Stay peng New Year, not lonely;Liu Peng life, very happy.

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