Dream westward Journey: players exchange contribution!A Jedi attack feels so good

In dream west travel, to the player the most important NPC, not each door school master mo belong to!He can not only teach the player a variety of skills, but also give the player a mission.Today, this little fellow is going to redeem his contribution to pommen!As we all know, each exchange costs 300 points of clan contribution.The player has a total of 3011 contribution points, which means they can be redeemed 10 times!Players slightly excited way: the item column is ready!Please hit me with the five Treasures and amnesty token!At the first time they exchanged for onyx.I have to say, this opening is a little lacking.The player consoled himself: It’s just the beginning, no rush.Then, the second, the third time, encountered the super golden willow dew two combo!It’s very comfortable.If we can keep it up, it’s a huge gain.Disappointingly, the next 4 times, 5 times, the player encountered the golden willow dew two combo!Alas, love the players.It wasn’t until the seventh time that I got the dragon scales!To know, although it is one of the five treasures, but can not be compared with noctilucent beads, diamond, calm soul beads.The player can only console himself with “better than avoiding water drops”.As the number of times left dwindled, the player became impatient.After all, judging from the current harvest, it is not particularly ideal.Until the 10th time, the player finally exchanged to the big five treasure: fixed soul bead!From the final result, the player’s luck, or acceptable.Boys and girls, do you like doing teacher tasks?What kind of rewards have you received for your contributions to the clan?Share with you!For more exciting content, please pay attention to our dream Westward Journey computer version headline number, please click the attention button above the picture to follow us, we will provide you with the most timely and interesting dream Westward Journey content every day.

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