Yanchang County tax bureau: “spring breeze” blowing all over the ground service warm people

Since this year, Yanchang County tax bureau based on a new starting point, focusing on taxpayers, paying people “urgent and anxious hope” and other problems, actively carry out convenient spring breeze action, vigorously blowing fine service “spring breeze” and accurate service “spring breeze”.Earnestly ask demand, excellent service, improve quality and efficiency, in the solid tax service for taxpayers, payers to bring real sense of gain.1, the detailed measures to build “tax temperature yanchang revenue” shall be always upholds the “taxpayer satisfaction” principle, adhere to the taxpayer, JiaoFeiRen demand as the guidance, further deepening the reform of “pipes”, the continuous transformation of the mode of tax, tax process optimization, innovation, service, further optimize the business environment,Bring better tax experience to enterprises and the public.Under the circumstances of the outbreak repeatedly, yanchang revenue shall be strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, and actively promote “contactless” tax payment, based on the principles of “do” online as soon as possible, coaching the taxpayer right use of electronic tax bureau for tax payment, positive transformation of the mode of tax and tax, promotion of onlineTo provide taxpayers with high quality and convenient tax services.In actively guide taxpayers, JiaoFeiRen online tax payment at the same time, constantly improve offline tax payment service, a “tax” reservation “for lack of tax”, on specific matters let lack of acceptance, within the prescribed time remind taxpayers to supplement the information in time, continue to promote “free net phone” “up to run a” growing taxpayer satisfaction.In order to further meet the needs of taxpayers and improve the efficiency of handling first-time tax-related matters for newly established enterprises, the tax service hall has set up a new enterprise registration window to implement “one-stop” package service for first-time tax-related matters and first-time receipt of invoices for newly established enterprises.Comprehensive integration of 10 new tax-related matters, making the original single tax-related matters into a number of tax-related matters one-time settlement, greatly reducing the time and links of enterprise establishment.It has solved the problem of “asking many questions and running many times” in new enterprises.In addition, The Tax service Hall of Yanchang County Tax Bureau further improves the quality and efficiency of consulting services and provides refined services.Adhere to the bureau leaders on duty, special duty tax guide system, actively implement the first to ask responsibility, one-time notification, time limit and other tax service system, to ensure that taxpayers’ questions are answered in time, matters timely.At the same time, in combination with the tax spring Breeze campaign, we have introduced new measures to provide convenient services, including setting up green channels for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, and introducing no queuing services.A green channel for cash payment has been opened for the elderly and non-smartphone users, greatly improving the efficiency of tax handling.Whether the experience of handling tax payment is good or not, whether the service efficiency is high or not, taxpayers and payers have the most say.As soon as Zhao Juwen, the financial staff of Yanchang Rongsheng Petroleum Service Co., LTD., walked into the tax hall, the tax guide staff came forward to inquire carefully, and guided to help it deal with the self-service tax equipment. It only took a few minutes to do the business of receiving and purchasing invoices.”The service of the tax bureau is really good. The explanation is meticulous and the business is skilled. Even an old man of more than 60 years old like me can handle the business quite easily.”Zhao juwen was full of praise.”I felt the temperature of tax because of simple procedures, high efficiency and warm service.”Recently, and yanchang flat realty service co., LTD., head of financial Ren Juan, in yanchang revenue tax service hall smoothly after finished all new tax-related business happily said, “as a ‘new’, thought the registration requires a lot of formalities, time will be very long, have never thought in less than half an hour walked all processes, is convenient and quick.”2, accurate service to help enterprises “lighter” since this year, focus on optimization of yanchang revenue business environment, actively build a precise service system, on the basis of the scientific division of the county tax sources, adhere to the taxpayers “distress sorrow hope” as the guidance, carefully combing research solutions, to develop a way of “one enterprise with one policy” quality service, active the door,Precise docking, optimize tax service experience, service “through train” into the heart of the enterprise.Fruit in the yanan ecological agriculture science and technology co., LTD. Is a focus on small and mid-sized enterprise of agricultural products in raw, after receiving the enterprise r&d policy consultation telephone, yanchang revenue active docking, top service, with accurate door-to-door counseling service solutions to the enterprise, the solution enterprise all sorts of problems, to ensure that the enterprise should enjoy enjoy in various preferential policies.Wang Zhiling, a financial officer of the company, said: “The tax department came to our company to ask for advice, and answered some policy questions that our company is currently facing, which makes us feel warm.”A small meagre-profit enterprise satisfying at the same time, in view of the county, the yanchang revenue for the first time set up small micro enterprise fords the special service team focused station business backbone, small micro enterprise tax preferential policy to carry out the latest, merge behavior to property tax declaration may encounter difficulties and resolve to prevent effectively from three aspects, such as tax related risk set special services for small enterprises,Help small and micro enterprises “travel light”.(Yan ‘an Daily) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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