Peng an street this kind of no license “old car” bump into a person, do not know whether the driver bought car insurance?

Peng an street this kind of unlicensed “old car” hit a person, also do not know the unlicensed owners have car insurance have a driver’s license?And how to compensate?Afternoon near peng an Jialing west road to see a traffic accident, a no license plate, also do not know whether there is a driving license and car insurance of the electric four-wheeler, that is, the common “old car”, I do not know why, hit a middle-aged woman, after things happen, the woman sat on the “old car” next to, also do not know whether there is injury?Then the woman seemed to be helped to the sidewalk to rest and sit, the scene has traffic police to understand the situation, and command and dredge the traffic order of passing vehicles.Standing in the street to see the lively many passers-by said, mo license plate, the driver may even mo driver’s license “old car” should be open and dignified driving on the street?!Gave traffic accident, compensation respect have without safeguard?Originally all kinds of cars on the Chinese New Year, such unlicensed “elderly car” to open on the street, good hemp

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