Customer as the center, see how the Shanghai telecom branch director will bring FTTR into Lujiazui

On the bank of Huangpu River, there is an area with an area of less than 22 square kilometers, but the annual GDP exceeds 530 billion yuan, which is worthy of the name of China’s first CBD.All-powerful there are financial predators, the glamorous foreign elite, also have silently telecom, Shanghai telecom lujiazui district director ZhuangYi is one of the representative, he will be huawei FTTR network scheme is brought into the ShengDaJin rock series of lujiazui high-end residential area, with its professional spirit and enthusiastic service attitude the high-end customers get the praise.”Customer-centric” is his motto, and truly from the perspective of customers, to bring customers a better network experience is the key to his success.Zhuang Yi is very proud of the expansion of FTTR business in Lujiazui.”The residential areas covered by Lujiazui Branch are mostly high-end residential areas, where residents are willing to invest more economic expenditure for the network in exchange for a better network experience.”As for the expansion of FTTR business in Lujiazui, he judged, “Since users have a higher desire, then of course we should speed up the promotion of high-value businesses like FTTR.”How do you catalyze the desire in the user’s head and turn it into the business at hand?Zhuang Yi adopted two methods: Firstly, customer-centered, based on the customer’s own needs, combined with the actual economic conditions and house type of the customer, recommend the more acceptable customized FTTR networking scheme to the customer.In this way, the marketing will be more precise. Instead of raising the price of packages blindly, we will match the most cost-effective plan with the best experience for customers, so that customers can accept it more easily, and the final transaction effect will be better.Secondly, by means of experiential marketing, we promise interested customers to experience FTTR for free for a period of time. If they are satisfied, they can handle the package.For users in Lujiazui area, their ability to pay is higher, and the final transaction rate will be higher after the experience.Sheng Da Jin Pan is a well-known garden-style high-end apartment community in Lujiazui area. Zhuang Yi was deeply impressed by an FTTR development in this community.A Shanghai telecom users who feedback network packages have been upgrading in the home, but do not meet the demand of its existing web experience, household and speeds can actually achieve gigabit sitting room, but walked to the bedroom, bathroom, balcony, wi-fi rate will sell at a discount greatly, the partial net in room 20 million, in addition, there are moving process easy to drop,Problems with poor roaming experience.After Shanghai Telecom launched FTTR whole house gigabit package, he recommended to the customer at the first time.In this solution, optical fibers are laid to each room and huawei’s latest Wi-Fi 6 smart gateway is used for networking, enabling the rate of each room to reach GIGABit.After getting the customer’s approval, Zhuang Yi then led Shanghai Telecom installation and maintenance personnel to carry out exclusive customization, according to the final selection of 1 drag 6 networking mode.After 2 hours of deployment, the customer’s home network experience was greatly improved: no matter in the living room or room, the measured Wi-Fi rate reached 1000Mbps, and there was no delay or disconnection during the mobile process, and the smart home and electronic devices at home could be connected to the Internet at the same time.After enjoying the new network experience brought by FTTR, the customer took the initiative to configure FTTR for his club.This business expansion not only represents a customer’s recognition of Shanghai Telecom FTTR solutions, but also a recognition of Zhuang Yi’s service quality and service attitude, as well as a recognition of Shanghai Telecom’s brand and quality.

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