The AMD ripper monopoly has finally been broken!Exposure Intel launched a new product line to cope

AMD’s Threadripper series has been a huge success, while Intel has been on the back of its heels for a long time.In the absence of a viable competitor, AMD’s subsequent products have only played around with Threadripper WX workstation processors.Later this year, however, AMD is expected to launch a next-generation HEDT line based on the Zen3 architecture, the outlet said.Intel, for its part, is responding with Golden Cove processors.It was also revealed that Intel is planning a new lineup of Sapphire Rapids-AP, targeting the HEDT-X platform, which will be devolved to the desktop.But if the news is correct, it could be launched by the end of this year.Of particular note, the “AP” suffix was also used on the flagship Cascade Lake-AP product line using MCM’s multi-chip solution.The Sapphire Rapids-SP family has previously used four SETS of MCM designs, each with up to 15 cores (though only 14 have been enabled).So, in a sense, Sapphire Rapids-SP can also be seen as a derivative of AP, and Intel has decided to sell its HEDT product line with the SUFFIX AP (rather than X).In addition, Intel plans to further segment the Sapphire Rapids HEDT market to encompass both workstations and mainstream workstation platforms.On the workstation platform, Intel also plans to replace xeon cpus based on the Ice Lake-W architecture in 2020 with the Sapphire Rapids HEDT platform. These cpus will have up to 56 Golden Cove cores (up from 12 cores at the entry level) and can perform up to 4GHz.The TDP power consumption of the flagship model can be up to 350W.The Sapphire Rapids XEON workstation will come in four SKUs and three different platform configurations. The Sapphire Rapids-SP for the server market will be available in XCC and MCC versions, with the MCC version supporting 8-channel DDR5 memory.There are also Sapphire Rapids-112L for workstation MCC chips, with up to 112 PCIe 5.0 channels, and SPR-MSWS, which only supports 4-channel DDR5 memory.The price is expected to range from $3,000 to $5,000 (19,000 to 32,000 yuan).There are also plans to replace Xeon-W processors based on Cascade Lake-X and Skylake-X architectures on mainstream workstations.The series has 28-36 Golden Cove cores and can be tuned to 4.5-5.0ghz, with the flagship TDP reaching 300W.The platform will support DDR5 with 8-channel (non-ECC) and 4-channel (EEC) support, with PCIe 5.0 reduced to 64 channels.The price is expected to be around $500- $3,000.Threadripper’s lineup has been the undisputed king of HEDT and workstation cpus, but with the introduction of the Sapphire Rapids, Intel has overtaken AMD and is even able to claw back some market share.

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