Pre-installed 8000 retro games Overlord Boy super handheld second price 199 yuan

February 6th news, Overlord boy super handheld launched a big promotion activities, now the second kill price is only 199 yuan.This handheld device adopts THE PSP shape, with keys + double rocker, two kinds of control, long play is not tired.Can play eight simulator game machines, support arcade free play.Support instant save read files, never afraid to start again.It has a 5.1-inch screen, 720P output resolution, 32GB of built-in storage, and is available in solid blue, solid black, and red and blue.Compact body, easy to put in the pocket, go wherever you play.It also provides an AV interface that synchronizes TV output for a larger screen.It boasts 8,000 pre-loaded games, including Dinosaur Fight, Three Kingdoms, Knights of the Round Table, Metal Slug, Street Fighter, Contra, Red Fortress, Adventure Island, Squirrel Wars, Plumber, Tank 90, and more.In addition to a large number of games, it also has e-books, photo functions, archiving functions, video/music playback and many other functions.Purchase address: click here.

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