Attention to six water treatment | Changjiang: In the form of “exposure platform” to promote the rectification of problems to bid farewell to the alley sewage cross flow

New Hainan client, south China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily on April 1 news (reporter Li Shaoyuan correspondent Zhong Yuying) in early February this year, Changjiang held the “six water co-governance” pledge general assembly, problem-oriented, comprehensive sound “six water co-governance” battle horn.Among them, “sewage treatment” is the top priority of the work of “six water treatment” in Changjiang, which is an important livelihood project and an important content of creating a national civilized city in Changjiang. In order to promote the implementation of this work and solve the problem, Changjiang has taken powerful measures, among which the media “exposure station” is one of them.Changjiang Stone Stone town Taipo hospital back alley sewage cross flow.Yang Derong, a resident who lives near the back alley of Taipo Health Center in Shishi Town, told reporters that after the problem of sewage crossing the alley was exposed, the relevant authorities immediately intervened and eliminated the “heart disease” that had troubled them for two years.Originally, taipo health center back alley several manhole covers have been constantly sewage outflow, some even mixed with feces, and taipo health center air conditioning water also directly discharged here, resulting in nearly 80 meters of road formed a “water belt.”The sewage was extremely smelly and even flowed into some residents’ homes, seriously affecting their daily life.On March 25, after this problem was exposed by the “Exposure platform” column of Changjiangrong Media Center, Changjiang Water Service Center immediately organized personnel to find out the cause of the scene, rectify the existing problems, and restore the road clean and tidy in time;At the same time, emergency management measures were launched, and maintenance units of pipe network were arranged to pump sewage from the main pipes, dredge and clean the pipes, and effectively solve the problem of people traveling.Changjiang Stone Stone town Taipo hospital back alley sewage treatment, clean road.Recently, the reporter came to stone town taipo hospital back alley, found that the sewage cover on the ground has no sewage outflow, the air conditioning water discharged by the hospital has also been connected to the pipeline, the road is clean and clean without smell.”With no sewage on the road, our life and travel are much more convenient now.”Resident Lin Lihua said.The reporter learned that, in order to thoroughly solve the alley sewage problem, Changjiang water service center invited relevant design experts to carry out diagnostic transformation design of the area, effectively cure the symptoms and root causes.Communicate and coordinate with relevant departments to do a good job in daily management and care, and ask Taipo Health Hospital to do a good job in daily cleaning of septic tanks and pipeline investigation, and discharge sewage as required.At the same time, changjiang water service center will also send two pipe network inspectors, daily inspection of the area, to ensure that there is no sewage overflow phenomenon.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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