Xinmin Development Zone for the local New Year enterprise employees to provide warm heart service

On January 24, xinmin Fuyuan (Panpan) food Co., LTD. More than 30 employees who spent the Spring Festival on the spot were very hot in their hearts.It turned out that they had received a letter from xinmin Economic Development Zone to employees who spent the Spring Festival there. In the letter, in addition to greetings and thanks, they also promised: during the Spring Festival, non-local family members visiting relatives in the development zone can enjoy free nucleic acid testing and free shuttle station and other thoughtful services.In the special campaign of “Revitalizing new Breakthroughs, I Want to Be a Pioneer”, xinmin Economic Development Zone, based on the business philosophy of “The needs of customers, our pursuit”, highlights problem-oriented, improves institutional construction, and creates a high-quality business environment.The development zone has carried out the system of appointing cadres to enterprises, with 13 groups covering all enterprises in the zone.Help projects, help information, help operation, help recruitment, help epidemic prevention and other “five help services”, so that enterprises in the development zone warm heart.At present, each guarantee group has gone into the enterprise for 426 times and solved 341 problems.In order to speed up the construction of signed projects, relevant departments are regularly organized to hold comprehensive coordination meetings, so that the newly signed enterprises can meet with various functional departments and communicate with each other to solve the examination and approval procedures involved before the commencement of construction.Nine Dragons Phase III, with an investment of 6 billion yuan, started construction in the shortest possible time thanks to the comprehensive coordination mechanism.At the same time, the development zone also focuses on solving problems related to enterprises.For example, in order to solve the labor shortage problem of Panpan Food Co., LTD., party members and cadres in the development zone carried out extensive publicity by issuing leaflets and visiting communities to help enterprises do a good job in personnel registration and interview.Only 2 days to help enterprises recruit more than 100 people, the labor shortage of enterprises has been basically alleviated.Shen News all media reporter: Zhang Jing

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