Wuling Capgemini suitable for family four seats will not be bad

Wuling Capgemini suitable for home four will not be bad Wuling Capgemini sales in the end how?In recent years, Wuling has performed very well. Not only has it launched hongguang MINIEV, the all-Q people’s walking car, but also has a good performance in the home car market.At the end of last year, Wuling Silver Standard launched Wuling Capgemini with extraordinary strength, with excellent practicality and cost-effective recognition by the masses of the people.This car is an important part of Wuling’s global, younger and diversified layout strategy. As the first flagship model of silver standard cars in the world, Wuling Capgemet has excelled in positioning, design, and the mastery and combination of vehicle scene details.In order to meet the needs of the people, The cumulative sales volume of Wuling Capjie has exceeded 80,000 units in October, which has become the sales responsibility of the family.In the first half of this year alone, the sales volume of Wuling Capjie reached 36,573 units, which is already a leading benchmarking model with no problem.In addition, zhou Xun, the three gold movie queen, has become the global spokesperson of Wuling. Buying Wuling Capgemini no longer requires many old people to ask what car it is, which greatly improves the brand image and makes the luxury atmosphere more respectable.Look at the face of the era, the level of appearance is the stepping stone.Wuling Capgemini elegant appearance, a strong sense of class, in line with the needs of domestic car.In addition, Wuling Capgemini’s outstanding sales and global quality of quality assurance to do the backing.Wuling Capgemini adopts C-NCAP+GMS-BIQ4 standard for body safety, and has won the global award of lightweight by virtue of high strength steel body, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology.The car is equipped with 31 advanced sound insulation materials and 4mm double-layer silent glass, creating a quiet inside environment of library level.In the family car scenario, users will have higher requirements for seat comfort and configuration.Wuling Capgemini pays great attention to these details, and the internal layout design has more storage space and stronger practicability.Children’s toys, all kinds of tissues, equipment can be easy income.Moreover, the air conditioning design of the car also takes care of the needs of each passenger, and the ride experience is more comfortable.Coupled with the suspension of FSD damper valve of Wuling Kaijie and the professional adjustment of Timoati, the texture is equal to that of luxury cars of hundreds of thousands.Wuling Capecier two-row independent seat design is the highlight of the whole car, and two-row seats with independent leg support and four-way adjustable suspension slide, comfort is excellent.At the same price, it is difficult to find rivals. Compared with the magic seats of Austria, Germany and Germany, the seats of Wuling Capgemini are really attractive designs.The event will run from February 5, 2022 to February 27, 2022

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