Do tigers have “king” on their heads?Why is it a cat and not a tigeridae?

As the third animal in the Chinese zodiac, the tiger not only occupies an important ecological niche in reality, but is also a cultural symbol.This year is the Year of the tiger. Let’s talk about some interesting things about the tiger.Why doesn’t the tiger rank first?Hong, a scholar in the Song Dynasty, mentioned in the Summer Valley Records: “If the son is the cathode, the deep and secluded cave is hidden, and the rat is matched;Rats hide traces.”The first hour is midnight, the darkest hour, and the mouse is the most common nocturnal animal, so the mouse represents the first time point.There is also a folk saying that “a rat bites open the sky”.And after the opening of the sky is the creation of the land, “the creation of the earth is ugly, and the ox opens the things of the earth, so the ugliness belongs to the ox.”The ancients could not do without the cattle cultivated land, earthquake is also considered to be the “ground cattle” in motion.”Life is in Yin, there is a kill.The killer, the tiger.”Therefore, according to traditional Chinese culture, heaven appears in the first hour, earth appears in the second hour, and man appears in the third hour. Heaven, Earth and Earth are called “three talents”, representing the animals are rat, ox and tiger respectively.So tiger ranks after the symbol of heaven and earth, is the symbol of human power of life and death, ranking third in the zodiac.Why did the Zodiac leave the cat behind?The Chinese zodiac first came from the Xia Dynasty, before the domestic cat entered China.The ancestors of the domestic cats we raise today are the desert cats of India, which only came to China during the Reign of Emperor Mingdi.In previous texts, the cats mentioned were wild animals, not the same species as domestic cats.The 12 zodiac signs are typically made up of the “six animals” — the horse, ox, sheep, pig, rooster and dog — and the rat, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake and monkey.And wild cats are not often seen by humans, “Yi Zhou Book · Volume 4 · World captured solution” mentioned: “King Wu kao, birds (captured) twenty tigers, two cats, three thousand five hundred deer eight”.It can be seen that the wild cat in ancient China is not as common as the tiger.Since there are twelve months in a year and twelve hours in a day, many countries except China use twelve animals to show time, and there is also a Chinese zodiac, some of which includes the cat.For example, the Vietnamese zodiac is rat, ox, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.The Twelve Egyptian zodiac signs are the ox, goat, monkey, donkey, crab, snake, dog, cat, crocodile, flamingo, lion and eagle.The 12 zodiac signs of Babylonia were bull, goat, lion, donkey, dung beetle, snake, dog, cat, crocodile, flamingo, ape and eagle.Countries choose the animal they are most familiar with.Why are tigers cats?Can’t it be called tigeridae?The tiger is the smallest animal in the zodiac.The 12 animals in the Chinese characters correspond to the following biological categories: rat: most animals of the order Rodent (except for the beaver family and the porcupine suborder).Cattle: Any of various animals of the bovine family Bovidae of the family Bovidae of the order Artiodactyla.Tiger: Any of various feline animals of the genus Panthera.Rabbit: lacomorpha.Dragon: virtual animal. In reality, many members of the Order Lizards and the main group of dragons have the character dragon.Snake: member of the order ophididae.Horse: Animal of the horse family.Sheep: Large member of the family Bovidae of the order Artiodactyla.Monkey: Primate.Chicken: Any of various animals of the order Galliformes.Dog: Part of the canid family.Pig: a family of pigs of the order Artiodactyla.The reason why tigers cannot be an independent family is that the differentiation between tigers and other cats is not large enough. The common characteristics of cats are: developed canine teeth, large and round head, short snout, well-balanced limbs, retractable claws, and most of them are good at climbing and jumping.Chinese words about feline animals include: cat, tiger, lion, leopard and so on. That is because these animals were recognized by Chinese people earlier and there are corresponding words in Chinese.However, there are only a few kinds of canids in China, including dogs, jackals, wolves and foxes, etc. After discovering new species, they can only be called XX Wolf and XX dog, etc. In fact, they may be very related to wolves and dogs.Modern taxonomy originated in the West, and western scholars had little contact with tigers, so they named the whole family after the cat they were most familiar with.Why can’t one mountain have two tigers?Like most cats, tigers are solitary animals.The male leaves after mating, leaving the female alone to bring up the young, usually two at a time.When young tigers grow up, they will also carve out their own territory.Each tiger has its own territory and has a strong sense of territoriality, so there is a saying that “one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers”.Amur tigers live in cold regions where prey are scarcer and require the largest range, 400 square kilometers for females and 1,000 square kilometers for males.India’s Bengal tigers live in dense tropical forests, with a range of only 10 square kilometers for females and 30 square kilometers for males.Although males are usually separated from females, they may still spend time with their mates and children, and zoologists have photographed males raising their children alone after the death of a female.Even as adults, siblings sometimes cooperate to keep the peace in certain areas.Therefore, the saying that “one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers” is not absolute in nature.Is it true that tigers can’t climb trees?The tiger is huge, want to rely on the strength of claws to climb up the tree, it is really difficult, but can not climb the tree does not mean that will not climb the tree, because the tiger is feline animals in the biggest jump, the highest jump height can be up to 4~5 meters, up to 8 meters.So it’s not safe for a tiger to climb a tree, and with a little help from its PAWS, it can reach prey up high.Do tigers have Kings on their heads?The patterns on each tiger’s body are different, and the characters on its forehead are not necessarily Kings, but are often randomly generated.Some may be “feng”, some similar to “xiao”, some similar to “tian”, some similar to “da”, some irregular shape, and some almost no pattern.So there’s a king in tiger’s head. It’s a misunderstanding.Does that make sense?Expert: Zhu Guangsi, science writer, member of Beijing Science Writers Association (LY source: Science China)

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