Ariel Lin with a male star 10 years younger than her standing together, not at all out of place!

Every winter vacation, summer vacation, there will be a lot of people again experience such a prank, yuan Xiangqin and Jiang Zhishu between the feelings, impressive.Speaking of Yuan Xiangqin, it is impossible not to mention ariel Lin, the most popular idol goddess in Taiwan.Quaint personality, with a pair of innocence of the childlike yan, is really unmatched.Many fans also gave her a nickname, “Sweetheart master”, which is the early image of Ariel Lin.She is not very good-looking, not ugly, but her personality is very cheerful, coupled with her delicate little face, give a person a very lovely feeling.Ariel Lin has no baby fat now, the whole person looks like a little girl, curved eyebrows, round big eyes, cooperating with her that standard smile, looks very attractive.Jiang, who costars with the actress, once told the media that he was captivated by Ariel Lin many times during filming.This let us see CP powder again, but in reality, she is married to an outsider, so we can only silently pray for her in our hearts.Nowadays, female stars, whether plastic surgery or injection, are very common things, but this woman, but not like a plastic surgery appearance, her appearance has not changed too much, still maintain the vitality of youth.She shot a TV series with Zhang Binbin in the past, so her appearance hasn’t changed much.Standing next to a male star 10 years younger than her is not out of place at all, just a lovely contrast.The actress has recently been seen in public again, but without makeup, she looks gaunt, apparently getting older and less energetic than before.Let’s hope she pays more attention to her body while she’s working so fans can feel at ease.

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