Am I wrong to say that some housing prices will rise and some will fall in the future

About real estate development, housing situation, analyzing the specific issues I think it should be different urban development, different city location, overall I think in the long term overall prices must be upward, leveled off in the short term, this my point of view is very clear, do you agree?01, the house in the headlines are all down, not up first, I want to say, I found a problem, the problem is that in today’s headlines cannot say prices rise, you as long as there is a lot of people said that property prices will spray you, regardless of your analysis, right, or is there a reason you analysis, so house prices are falling in the headlines.I the day before yesterday published an article called about the future market, I will tell you the cruel reality, I found in my article comments below 93% of the people are sprayed my, all think that real estate prices in the future can only be dropped there won’t be, as long as the said house prices will rise that must think you are intermediary, or how much is the suite wants to sell.Those who think my analysis is reasonable basically give me a thumbs-up, collection and share with my relatives and friends, those who agree with me rarely make comments, just watch quietly.According to my general calculation, the number of people who like, share and collect my books is about 1,400, and the number of people who comment on it is about 600. That is to say, almost 60% of them think that the price of the real estate market will rise steadily in the future, while about 40% of them are pessimistic and think that the price of the real estate market will fall in the future.Five percent think the least valuable person in the future is a house.So everything you see in the headlines that has to do with real estate has to go down in half.Because saying that house prices are rising will be sprayed, those who believe that house prices will definitely fall are more likely to comment, while those who are optimistic about house prices are more silent, which is why the house prices in the headlines are falling.If you work in a company and your salary is 10000, you have a male colleague who earns 8000 and another female colleague who earns 5000, your average salary is 7667.The company is like a country, your salary represents the housing price in the first and second tier cities or urban areas, your male colleague’s salary represents the housing price in the third and fourth tier cities or suburbs, and your female colleague’s salary represents the housing price in the town.(1), what is the general increase of housing price: the general increase of housing price is that the company’s performance is very good last year, after the New Year, the boss gave everyone a salary increase of 2000, your salary is 12000, for male colleagues to increase 1500 to 9500, for female colleagues to increase 1000 to 6000, your average salary is now 9167.Why did some rise more and some rise less?Because you have different abilities!It’s like the difference between downtown and suburban housing prices.So that’s the general increase in house prices, and that’s the general increase in house prices from 2016 to 2019.(2), the average price rose, up and down: after another year, the company’s benefits are good, but not particularly good, so the boss gave you a salary 2000 became 14000, male colleagues went up 500 became 10000, female colleagues did not go up, the average salary is 10000, why did you go up?Because you are downtown, good location, many leaders are optimistic about you.The future price, the future price will be what situation!In the future, the company will continue to develop, but if everyone’s salary increases, the company will be under great pressure, so your salary increases by 1000. Male and female colleagues sometimes make mistakes and reduce their salary, but the overall situation is stable, so the average price is 10,333, and the house price is steadily rising.1. In 2021, China’s GDP (GROSS national product) will be $17.7 trillion, with a growth rate of 8.1%. China is only the second in the world, but not the first.The Korean economy will continue to grow, but the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak has not stopped the country’s economic growth.As long as the economy continues to grow, there will be more and more rich people, and there will be more and more rich people, who can make money more easily than most of us can.More rich people will improve their clothes, food and housing, better location of the house, the house area is bigger.Now living in the countryside may move to the city, now living in the third and fourth tier cities, children may settle in the first and second tier cities.2, inflation, with the development of the economy, the country’s money will be more and more, people have more and more money, so the money will depreciate.How much can a hundred dollars buy when I was a child? How much can a hundred dollars buy now? How much can a hundred dollars buy decades later?3, the quality of life has improved, the price of all kinds of goods, the price of land, artificial prices, cement sand and other building materials have also increased, all kinds of clothing, food, housing and transportation have increased, before the feeling of eleven thousand flat house expensive, rich later feel thirty thousand flat house is not so expensive.4, if the future prices must fall, that all people will not buy a house, the rich are not fool, falling house prices could not sell a government land, furniture, building materials, household appliances, cement, sand and so on dozens of hundreds of upstream and downstream industry at least half of the enterprises have to close down, all developers have to bankruptcy, national goals don’t have to implement the urbanization,The national economy will not develop. Do you think that will happen?Some people think that house prices are falling.1, some people think that although the city location of form a complete set, think that rich people go to the suburbs, really rich people won’t live downtown downtown, they live in a country house, said big cities especially in megacities not development direction, large cities should be decentralized, but now I want to say you look at which prices collapsed at the centre of the big cities around the world, is not valuable,Cabbage price, the United States and Europe these developed developed for two or three hundred years which big city center of the cabbage price, waiting for the house price fall is not too ignorant.Have real rich man live country house, which must have, because this part of the people is very few, this all open a big company, don’t have to work every day, you work in urban areas, driving from a big country villa downtown center work every day to drive an hour traffic jam for half an hour, your country villa is to enjoy or something.Last year, the population growth rate slowed down, but there were fewer people and more houses, and the housing price fell. I want to say that you are worrying too much. Our country has been controlling the housing price through the family planning policy, and the country’s double reduction policy and the three-child policy last year are one way of controlling the housing price.Even if the population is smaller in the future, the rural population will be smaller and the population in small cities will be smaller. Everyone will be concentrated in big cities, so there will still be demand for houses in good locations.3, Some people say that Japan’s housing bubble finally pricked, housing prices fell, so not optimistic.I mean, what would you think of as a plain man would our leaders not see?Why should our country insist on housing not speculation, but also to implement restrictions on purchase, loan, sale and other policies to control the real estate to maintain the healthy, stable and orderly development of real estate, is to avoid the occurrence of this situation in Japan.Moreover, Japan’s housing prices are not entirely due to its own reasons, but also to the Hiroshima Agreement. The Hiroshima Agreement caused the Japanese economy to decline for many years, and Japan has not yet recovered from the Plaza Agreement.If our country is a country with a long history and culture, in the long history of several thousand years in our country has been the leading countries in the world, only in the recent hundred years behind, want to believe in the near future of our nation’s GDP as well as various aspects of certain will surpass the United States to return to the world, we the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Our country’s GDP is 17.7 trillion dollars now, and it may be 27.7 trillion dollars in the future. So if you think 10,000 yuan is too high today, you may look back ten or twenty years from now and say 10,000 yuan is too cheap.Also, as I said, even if housing prices go up in the future, not all houses are going to go up, so maybe that’s what I said about the third scenario, only the core of the first and second tier cities is going up, or the core of other cities.So in the case of your demand, in the case of your ability to allow to buy a house must buy a good location, location determines the value of your house, the same house in the small county value is 5000, to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen is fifty-four thousand.

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