A 7-year-old boy in Shenzhen donates lucky money to rural education

For children, the most happy thing is to receive New Year’s money from elders, and then use New Year’s money to buy snacks, toys…..However, lucky money can also have different meanings.In the early morning of The Lantern Festival on February 15, GUI Yutong, a primary school student from Shenzhen Experimental School, welcomed a special donor to shenzhen CCF. Accompanied by her family, she donated her Year of the Tiger money to shenzhen CCF quanrong Rural Education Care Fund to help needy students.Fang Tao, executive vice president of Shenzhen CCF, attended the donation ceremony and presented the certificate of donation.”My parents taught me from childhood, helping others is a happy thing, so when I saw the math Teacher Zhang gave us the ‘custom your New Year’s money’ winter vacation homework, I asked my mother the first time, can you donate the New Year’s money to help some poor children.”Is shenzhen experimental school primary school on the second grade guiyu pupil children in the mother and financial staff accompanied by, took out the New Year’s red envelope received, zhang Zhang out of the inside of the New Year’s money: “this is my grandma to me, this is my grandpa to me…I hope children can learn happily in school like me.””These lack of relatives, lack of affection, lack of close friends of the children, we want to let the boys to achieve ambition, handsome, youthful spirit, spirit;Girls should be smart, delicate, atmospheric, reiki, become positive, optimistic and confident.This is the common motto of more than 200 children missing three relatives in quanrong Library, a children’s center in Hengshan County, Hunan province.Xie Songquan of Shenzhen Charity Association • Quanrong Rural Education Care Fund said, “We sincerely thank Guiyutong children for their charitable donation, which adds warmth and touching to the lives of children in difficulties.It is reported, the parents of Guiyu pupil pay attention to cultivate the charity quality of the child from urine, under the influence of parents, Guiyu pupil began to take the initiative to participate in charitable activities:In 2019, he was selected as one of the first batch of “Shenshan Little Journalists Club” jointly sponsored by Shenzhen CCF and Guangzhou Daily. In 2020, he was selected as a “little spokesperson” by Shenzhen CCF on September 5, 2020, China Charity Day.(Original title “Small age big love 7 year old pupils donate Lucky money for rural education love”) (author: Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper reporter Zhuang Ruiyu correspondent Shi Wei)

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