There are “nodules” in the body, as far as possible to eat 6 kinds of “hair”, do not eat or help

Thyroid is a very important gland in vertebrates, belonging to endocrine organs.The thyroid gland is located below the thyroid cartilage in the neck and on both sides of the trachea. It is shaped like a butterfly, like a shield, so it is called the thyroid.The thyroid gland is responsible for the secretion of thyroid hormones, which balance endocrine function and ensure the normal functioning of human body.Thyroid is also an organ prone to problems, most of which are thyroid nodules. When thyroid nodules appear, the body will not have a big reaction, but it will cause serious threats to health.If you find yourself suffering from thyroid nodules in life, you should pay enough attention to them, especially in the diet. The following 6 kinds of “hair” cannot be eaten.
Is thyroid nodule thyroid cancer?Thyroid tumors and thyroid nodules are similar in appearance, so people naturally associate nodules with tumors.However, this is not the case. Thyroid nodules and thyroid tumors are two completely different concepts. After suffering from thyroid nodules, we do not need to worry too much, let alone be nervous.However, this does not mean that thyroid nodule should not be taken seriously. Thyroid nodule is an abnormal phenomenon produced by the human body, and relevant treatment, such as surgery, should be carried out if conditions are available.In people with “nodes”, 6 “hair content”, try to eat less resist eating or helpful food containing iodine is high when the body lacks iodine, the thyroid gland can be a problem, iodine is not the higher the better, however, excessive iodine intake also can make thyroid problems, excessive iodine in the body will increase the workload of thyroid, thyroid, thus stimulatingInduce nodules or accelerate the growth of thyroid nodules.Thyroid patients should pay attention to the intake of iodine food such as kelp, sea cucumber and laver in life.Although some foods are not particularly high in iodine, they can also stimulate the thyroid and cause nodules to swell, such as cabbage, potatoes, peanuts and other common foods. People with thyroid nodules should keep their mouths shut to avoid increasing nodules.Sea cucumber, turtle and ginseng are common tonic foods in daily life. Although they have high nutritional value, they should be avoided for patients with nodules.Hot food life common hot food ingredients, leek, pepper, garlic, pepper, garlic, belong to the common condiments, but with irritation, excessive consumption will stimulate nodules, accelerate the growth of nodules, and even aggravate the disease, resulting in cancer.Obese people are prone to endocrine imbalance, which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland and increases the risk of thyroid nodules. Therefore, patients with thyroid nodules should control their intake of high-fat foods common in daily life.The development of wine has become a tool for modern people to communicate.Alcohol is irritating, and drinking a lot of alcohol will speed up the growth of nodules and adversely affect the recovery of the disease. Therefore, from the health point of view, people with nodules should try not to drink.How to Prevent thyroid nodule cancer?The prevention of malignant tumor in general recommendation for a medical, also helps to earlier findings, as well as to their quality of life improved after confirmed nodules to dietary habits to improve, adjust the life stress, frequent relax and do physical activities to enhance their immunity, can avoid or reduce the occurrence of malignant tumor.In addition, if the nodule is unstable after examination, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice for a short-term follow-up of thyroid ultrasound to prevent delayed treatment once malignant transformation occurs.Can thyroid Nodules become cancerous?Can nodule become cancerous?The answer is yes, it’s cancerous.If the nodules are large, thyroid surgery will be carried out. After the surgery, some genetic testing will be done. Gene mutation will sometimes be suggested in the genetic testing, so thyroid nodules can be cancerous.Do not need to worry however, even if canceration, but most thyroid cancer belongs to differentiated thyroid cancer, especially papillary cancer progresses slowly, so after the discovery of nodules, we must go to the hospital for professional examination.

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