Biden is going on a trip to the Asia-Pacific, taking aim at China, the debt is over $30 trillion, and the White House is running out of steam

Fumio Kishida has not paid a visit to the United States since he took office as Japanese Prime Minister, which is the traditional way of “reporting on his duties”.On the surface, Japan and the United States are Allies, but in fact, Japan is a country without complete sovereignty, so it can be said that Japan is a subsidiary of the United States. As can be seen from the permanent garrison of The United States in Japan and Ryukyu and the special status of the United States in Japan, There is no equality between Japan and the United States.202202052/ Aero Vision /AZ, Fumio Kishida did not fly to the United States for a “briefing”, citing the novel Coronavirus outbreak, which has recently entered a new phase in Japan with an increase of over 100,000 confirmed cases per day.According to US media reports, US President Joe Biden will be on a trip to the Asia-Pacific region, but for this trip, except for Japan, the other two countries have not been announced.Biden visited Asia Pacific travel, the White House is final, the American media claimed that “contain the expansion of China’s power and influence is the U.S. government’s policy priorities”, and directed at China now, the White House is no longer conceal, but for America’s strategic attempt to think aviation horizon, the White House did not bottom spirit,America’s debt is now over $30 trillion.The GDP of the US in 2021 is 22.9 trillion dollars, and the DEBT of the US has already exceeded the annual GDP, which is impossible for the US to repay, because the US government will not collect more taxes every year than the total GDP.The debt ceiling was also raised in 2021, giving the government a green light to continue borrowing.At a time when the U.S. is Mired in multiple crises, the U.S. has no foundation to confront China, and the scale of COVID-19 infection, which exceeds 20 percent of the population, has already plunged the U.S. into disaster. The U.S. strategy of containment and containment of China is doomed to failure because it has no capital for foreign provocations.The US will have 5.7% economic growth in 2021, but take out the trillions of dollars of water and 7.1% CPI and there is no real growth in the US.When U.S. President Joe Biden visits the Asia-pacific region, he will also attend a summit of the so-called G-4 group, which includes the United States, Japan, India and Australia.The ANNUAL Malabar exercise has already been held under the framework of the QUADrilateral alliance, an american-promoted version of NATO in the Asia-Pacific.The United States has promoted the establishment of the Asia-Pacific version of NATO with a very clear purpose to contain and contain China, and U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit to the Asia-Pacific region is also directed at China’s actions.Since Biden took office as president of the United States, the United States has not given up the “trade war” against China, which shows that the United States still adopts the strategy of hostility to China and draws other countries to jointly fight against China. The “Four-country alliance” is an important link.In the face of the rise of China, the United States is trying to build the encirclement of encircling and containing China, “the quartet” is one of the important “tool”, as members of the alliance “quartet”, now has hit will invariably coronavirus epidemic raged, including the United States and India is to maintain the long-term the location of the outbreak of the first and second, Japan outbreak is a new historical peak,Australia, which is located in the southern hemisphere, was attacked due to the strategy of “lying down”, resulting in a high incidence of the epidemic.China’s economy will grow by 8.1% in 2021, with a net GDP increase of $1 trillion more than that of the US, which is the basis on which China can look the US in the eye.

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