AMD R9-6900HS APU scoring exposure can be seen as 6900HX energy efficiency improved version

AMD Rayon R9-6900HS APU, and R9-6900HX differences are not significant.First, both have an 8C / 16T core design, 16MB L3 cache, and integration with Radeon RX 680M core display.Second, they share the same 3.3ghz base / 4.9ghz acceleration frequency, except for thermal design power (TDP) of 35W / 45W+ respectively.(Figure VIA WCCFTech) Based on past cases, the -HX model may have a slight advantage in frequency stability, while the -HS model is more likely to hit the temperature wall, and the CPU will compete with the iGPU.Interestingly, the latest benchmark tests of the AMD Ryron R9-6900HS APU show that, despite the lower TDP, the APU is on par with the R9-6900HX.The test platform was asus ROG Zephyrus G14 “GA402RK_GA402RK” high-end laptop with 32GB of ram and high performance mode enabled under Windows11 operating system.In the end, the R9-6900HS Geekbench 5 scored 1571 for single-core and 9751 for multicore, hardly showing any difference from the R9-6900HX.Benchleaks, which managed to find the same model in the PugetBench database, revealed that the high-end game was already optimized for peak power, and that unique had been upgraded from the Radeon RX 6800M to the latest RX 6800S.Single-core performance comparison Reference performance data, AMD Rayon R9-6900HS is the target of Intel Core I7-1280P processor.The latter is also power optimized, but has more cores.Overall, the competitiveness of R9-6900HS is quite significant.It is expected to be used in many laptops in the $1,500 range.

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