The latest!The primary school in Kunming has regular enrollment in September this year

No line Kunming – recently, the reporter learned from kunming Xishan District education and sports bureau, this September, East China Normal University Kunming experimental School primary school will be normal enrollment.”Will my child be able to enter the first grade of EcNU Kunming Experimental School this September?”In recent days, citizens have been consulting the Xishan Education and Sports Bureau, the Kunming Experimental School of East China Normal University and other departments, and some netizens have left messages for kunming officials through People’s Daily online.After receiving the netizens’ comments, Kunming Municipal Party Committee and Government attached great importance to it and responded to the investigation by Xishan Education and Sports Bureau:”After investigation, the primary school division of Kunming Experimental School of East China Normal University is initially located in Plot A3 and PLOT A30 of Caohai No.2, of which Plot A3 is the commercial land owned by Kunming Sunac Investment Co., LTD. From the end of 2018 to May 2019, xishan District government held several meetings to study the land use for primary schools.During the publicity period of educational facilities regulation adjustment, the planning department received a situation statement from Kunming Sunac City Investment Co., LTD., which delayed the regulation adjustment, and the preliminary construction procedures of the primary school construction project could not be continued.At present, the feasibility study report of the school has been reviewed and approved.As it involves the adjustment of control planning in Caohai district, the construction of primary school can not be continued until the adjustment of control planning is completed.However, in September 2022, the kunming Experimental School of East China Normal University (ECNU) will enroll primary school students.”At the same time, because the city’s recruitment work has not yet started, is doing preliminary work, research and judgment.For this year east China normal university in kunming jiada primary experimental school admission grade one problem, the mountain west conference education sports bureau will be in accordance with the city of kunming in a grade of “registered permanent residence and the actual settlement, based on the actual settlement is given priority to, an exemption, free, or to the nearest relative to enroll, hushai consistent priority arrangement” policy, do compulsory education area 100% coverage.In addition, the Xishan Education and Sports Bureau will report to the municipal and district departments in a timely manner and formulate solutions to the demands of netizens that “children who have not yet checked in should first sign up for school and promise to move in and settle down in a timely manner”.After the start of enrollment, Xishan District Education and Sports Bureau will guide parents to complete online pre-registration and follow-up work, and solve the enrollment problem of school-age children in this area.

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