Oil price falls again battle field!Oil price adjustment news: gas stations adjusted 92, 95, 98 gasoline prices

Oil price adjustment news:On February 18, today, Friday, although domestic prices for the rise in oil prices in today’s morning news, the pricing is as expected, after all, the pricing cycle again out of the “rose more fell less” situation, but the product oil pricing fifth just start is ushered in the good news, the international crude oil prices showed signs of a new trend, that is a drop in oil prices,Fall is very big, within a short span of time the oil price has fallen by about $5, the second is the international news is also the home of a night to reverse the situation, not conducive to a drop in oil prices, now realize closer step number, part has already achieved, but for international crude prices in the near future or changes very fast, amplitude is larger,Big drop is often seen things, but the “big drop” will again accumulate “big”, has become the focus of the owners.Crude prices up again in the international factors in accordance with the international trends of crude oil, crude prices up again in the oil price momentum is a little slow, but still has the power to support higher, its main oil prices situation has not been completely solved, each producer is not completely have better solutions, despite the recent Russia and Ukraine are already keep a clear head restraint,But has not yet fully shows that attitude, combined with the us side’s outlook, the situation is difficult to solve quickly, oil prices stimulate Dally to rise, followed by supply and demand, or tight, each member of the OPEC + oil output failed to achieve the desired goal, the most intuitive is lack of productivity, the second is the demand continues to improve,There is no sign of a decrease in the oil price, but there is still an upward momentum.International crude oil prices factors according to the international crude oil data, the recent fall in oil price is continuously two days of brush is Iran over here is the performance is good, also won the hope for the owners, the Iranian nuclear negotiations is the most promising success once, followed by the United States and Iran are both very active, though not yet completely,News is conducive to a drop in oil prices, followed by the international energy agency again began to demand that OPEC + increase production, and increase the actual production, this is not only a production proposed by the consumer, even energy agency began to try so hard, so there are a variety are willing to see a drop in oil prices, a drop in oil prices owners closer.In general, the international crude prices fell to combat field, gives rise an unprepared, oil prices also fell sharply, for now the international situation is conducive to a drop in oil prices once again some more, the trend of the rise or support some of the most fundamental factors, and if the past two months the amount of the producers can be improved, so will don’t have to worry about oil prices rose significantly.According to the recent trend of international crude oil, the average change rate of crude oil price is 4.49%, 1% more than the initial stage, and the oil price also increased by 50 yuan/liter. According to the adjustment mechanism of refined oil price and the Oil Price Management Measures, the estimated increase of domestic finished oil price is 200 yuan/ton.Gas stations are expected to increase by 0.19 yuan/liter. This price adjustment is the fourth price increase of domestic refined oil products in 2022, which is also a significant increase.Oil price pass has updated today’s oil price, car owners want to know the most favorable oil price information in advance, please timely pay attention to this number of private chat xiaobian.The following oil prices take you to see the gasoline stations around the country 92, 95 gasoline and diesel latest oil prices!Region 92 Gasoline 95 gasoline 98 gasoline 0 diesel Beijing 7.788.169.147.37 Shanghai 7.748.129.017.31 Tianjin 7.778.099.317.33 Chongqing 7.848.179.27.39 Fujian 7.748.158.927.32 Gansu 7.788.188.757.23 Guangdong 7.88.339.477.33 Guangxi 7.848.359.187.38 Guizhou 7.818.249.147.43 Hainan 8.899.3310.567.41 Hebei 7.778.098.917.33 Henan 7.788.28.857.31 Hubei 7.7Hunan 7.738.18.97.39 Jilin 7.748.238.977.24 Jiangsu 7.758.1297.29 Jiangxi 7.748.199.697.37 Liaoning 7.758.158.877.23 Inner Mongolia 7.778.118.97.2 Anhui 7.73Ningxia 7.6889.137.21 Qinghai 7.638.178.97.26 Shandong 7.768.218.937.32 Shaanxi 7.667.988.917.22 Shanxi 7.738.228.927.39 Sichuan 7.838.39.027.38 Tibet 8.6What do you think of the future oil price?Welcome to share the latest oil price in the message area after liking and following.This article is produced by the original, without permission, any channel, platform do not reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!

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