Thumb up!Meiluo town and Shanquan Village of Meiluo Town were awarded the advanced town and model village of Rural revitalization in Sichuan Province

Rural work conference on January 26, the sichuan provincial party committee read out the CPC sichuan provincial committee and sichuan provincial people’s government named about 2021 rural revitalization of the counties (cities, districts), effective county (city, area), focus on helping outstanding county (city, area), advanced township, demonstration village, key support the decision of the good village “.Meiluo Town in our county was awarded the advanced Township of Rural revitalization in Sichuan Province in 2021, and Shanquan Village of Meiluo Town was awarded the Demonstration Village of Rural revitalization in Sichuan Province in 2021.Diversity in recent years, the town of adjust measures to local conditions to develop characteristic agriculture, relying on the provincial, city and county expert team, local local expert and Tian Xiucai, focus on a variety of online business model, promote the development of agricultural science and technology, refinement, standardization, continuous planting loquat, from citrus, tea, kiwi fruit and so on more than 30000 acres, fruit industry output value of 200 million yuan of above,Landscape agriculture, ecological agriculture facility agriculture began to take shape.Shanquan village is the highest village in Meiluo town. Besides tea industry, kiwi fruit, crispy red plum, loquat and other industries are also booming. Shanquan village is getting better day by day.It has developed eagle tea + green tea over 1,300 mu, interplanted kiwi fruit, red plum, loquat and other small fruits over 1,000 mu, built 5 tea sales and service points, 2 leading enterprises, 5 family farms and 3 small workshops.Meiluo town not only makes efforts in agricultural industry, but also strives for breakthroughs in ecological livable.We completed the sorting and treatment of household waste in all rural areas, built four sewage treatment stations, and renovated more than 3,000 sanitary latrines.The use of tea garden, fruit forest, fish pond and other resources, in the original farmhouse, b&B on the basis of actively create “fruit color fishing township”, promote asbestos artificial Tianhe – red Flag Weir exhibition hall project construction, beautiful zai loop is also in the planning to upgrade and broaden.It is understood that Meiluo town will be positioned as the main battlefield of rural revitalization in Shimian County in the next step, and make further efforts in infrastructure construction, upgrading, agricultural and brigade integrated development and other work, and strive to build Meiluo into a benchmark town of provincial and municipal rural revitalization.

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