False publicity, price gouging…Online consumption should guard against these situations

With the development of new forms of online consumption, the infringement of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests in the field of online consumption can not be ignored.Based on online consumer complaints in 2021, the Association sorted out major problems such as false publicity, price fraud and unfair format clauses, and reminded consumers to pay attention to identifying and preventing them.The real quality of some goods and services is inconsistent with the propaganda promises of operators.Some use “water army” brush single fry letter, use all sorts of routines deceive and misdirect consumer.Some network anchor “sell miserably” with goods, fabricate bizarre plot to attract attention with goods, the use of sympathy “routine” with goods.Price fraud is still a common consumer fraud. Some raise the original price of goods and then sell them at a discounted price, and the actual sales price is even higher than the original price.Some create “second kill”, emphasizing false discount time to stimulate consumers to buy.The characteristics of network transaction determine that operators and consumers mainly use standard terms to conclude contracts and carry out transactions.As one of the parties drafting standard terms, operators often add favorable content to themselves, which leads to unfair standard terms widely existing in network transactions.Particular attention should be paid to two types of unfair form clauses:Category is specified for operators, bad for consumers way of dispute resolution, the clause in format, when a dispute “by the jurisdiction of the court in the place where the defendant is domiciled” trade “by the network operator is under the jurisdiction of the court location”, such as network trade operators use the opportunity of unilateral proposed format terms, forcing consumers to accept the way against the dispute and the jurisdiction of the institutions,Increasing the cost of consumer rights protection, many consumers are often forced to give up rights protection.There is also a type of standard contract terms that require consumers to authorize and agree to receive commercial information. Network transaction operators entice consumers to become members by offering discounts and other means, and require consumers to authorize and agree to use their personal information and send product recommendations to them in the standard terms.For a long time, operators use prepaid consumption to damage the rights and interests of consumers.At present, prepaid consumption is increasingly combined with network consumption.Some operators in charge of advance payment after default, neither to the consumer performance, also do not return the balance of advance payment;When some consumers need to withdraw from the contract due to their own reasons, business operators refuse to provide reasonable channels for withdrawal, refuse to transfer their contractual claims or set up unreasonable obstacles;Some operators use the term of validity to refuse to refund to consumers;Some operators through standard terms for prepaid consumption set period of validity, but did not pass a reasonable way to express to remind consumers, and refuse to perform obligations after the expiration, and refuse to refund to consumers.Some online trading operators hinder consumers from obtaining after-sales protection and abuse the exclusion rules of the right to return goods without reason. For example, if it is stipulated that goods purchased on a commission basis are not subject to return goods without reason or submit orders, they will be regarded as agreeing not to return or replace the goods.When some consumers return or change goods because of commodity quality defect, network trades operator asks consumer to change return or change goods reason, ask consumer to assume return or change goods freight by oneself.It is the rights and interests of network consumers to make subjective and true evaluation of the goods or services purchased.Some network trading operators use technical means to prevent consumers from making real evaluation, when there is a refund situation, consumers often can not find the evaluation entrance.In terms of the evaluation period, many online trading platforms set unreasonable evaluation time for consumers. The real quality of some products can only be discovered after use. However, due to the short evaluation period set by platforms, consumers often miss the evaluation time when discovering quality defects.Excessive collection of consumer’s personal information, abuse of consumer’s personal information and even illegal transactions have infringed on consumer’s personal information security.The relevant person in charge of China Consumers’ Association suggested to further strengthen the supervision methods and measures of new forms of online consumption, so as to achieve accurate and effective supervision.Online trading platforms should be urged to strengthen tips on consumer trading risks and establish a more effective consumer complaint and early warning mechanism.Source Xinhua News Agency editor Duan Lanqian editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao

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