Tian Liang basked in a recent photo of his daughter Sen Dish, wearing an ancient costume in the snow, and embroidered capes

This spring, the weather is also getting colder and colder, many areas began to snow, the temperature is not different from the winter temperature.This is also a good opportunity for you to take more photos while it’s snowing.Mr. Tian recently posted a photo of Sendish in the snow, and it appeared that sendish had prepared a vintage dress in advance, draped in a wide white cloak with a warm thread and an exquisite crane embroidered on it.Such a dress reminds people of a Dream of Red Mansions and Legend of Zhen Huan.Sendish chooses a corner of the forest, after the heavy snow, the leaves fall, the street is covered with snow, the street is white, Sendish wearing a cloak, standing aside, at first is a back, as the leaves shake, the snow falls, Sendish also turns around, lifted his cloak, smiling at the camera.While many child stars are worried about “long and disabled”, Cindy is obviously growing up from the age of eight, more and more beautiful, before she was about 1.7 meters, shorter than her mother, now she should be taller, compared to the surrounding trees, she is taller.It’s hard to believe she’s 13 just looking at the pictures, because of her body shape and temperament, she’s mature.After sendi grew up, she did not act all the time like other child stars, but spent most of her time on studying and sports. Tian liang often accompanied Sendi to practice. Over the years, her muscles in her arms and thighs have made many fitness enthusiasts jealous.When netizens saw the snowy scene, they praised the disk as a beautiful girl who has grown so beautiful since she was a child, and some said they would take a photo of her in ancient costume.Others remembered Cindy’s “wind-like woman” in “Dad, Where are We Going?” as an “antique beauty.”

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